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The Bronx Is Up, and the Battery's Down

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The Bronx Is Up, and the Battery's Down

Oh, but it's not. Mike is on the phone with a friend from home. He explains about Coral's evil eye, and then says Coral is cool. In fact, Mike enjoys the diversity of his roommates, and says how much he needed something like this. Because all of his roommates are there to serve his needs. Okay, I think that story line is really over now.

Lori and Kevin horse around. In an interview, Lori says that Kevin knows she's attracted to him, and he's always pushing her away and telling her, "Later, later." But then he jokes about them hooking up and hugs her and it's confusing. He's a tease! He wants camera time! Run, Lori, run!

In their bedroom, Coral asks Lori about Kevin. In an interview, Lori explains that crushes hurt. We cut back and forth a few times between Kevin in bed and Lori in bed. Kevin tells Malik that he and Lori are friends. Malik thinks that something is building between them. Kevin explains that he doesn't want a pre-meditated kiss, and that if it happens, it happens. Coral advises Lori not to let herself be put on the back burner. Yeah! In an interview, Coral says that Lori is fun to be around, and that she doesn't know what Kevin's problem is. Coral tells Lori that Kevin is dictating the terms of their relationship. In an interview, Lori says that Coral is confident, and that she isn't as confident herself. Kevin tells Malik that Lori is pretty. Malik asks whether he's going to kiss her. Kevin say that it will probably happen. Coral reminds Lori that there are tons of guys out there who are way better than Kevin, and that she could get any of them. Lori says she knows, and that she's not desperate -- she just has a crush. Ugh. I've been there, sister. The too-cute-by-half song on the soundtrack says, "It's tough to have a crush on you."

This season on The Real World: Kevin and Lori kiss. Nicole and Malik flirt. Rachel says that she's attracted to Kevin. Mike wants the corruption to begin, and he runs through the house naked. Rachel swings around a pole on a subway car. Mike makes out with some girl in his bed and takes a shower with a girl. Nicole is all dressed up and drinking champagne with some guy. Two of the guys go skinny-dipping. They find out that they will be working at a record label. Lori sings at a recording studio. Nicole says that she is not made for corporate America. Nicole tells Malik not to disrespect her. Nicole and Coral get in a fight. Coral takes Mike to task for the way he treats women. Rachel cries as she tells someone not to be condescending to her. Nicole gets all up in Kevin's face. Man, Nicole gets in fights with everyone!

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