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The Dog, the Slag, The Wuss, the Supermodel, and the Dubious Hookup

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The Dog, the Slag, The Wuss, the Supermodel, and the Dubious Hookup

Paul finally does come over. Jacinda tells him that she doesn't like it when he freaks out on her. He tells her how hurt he was. They have a big long conversation and resolve that "nothing has changed." They take the dog on a train trip somewhere. We don't learn where.

Mike announces in an interview that Mai is from Germany, "so [they're] just going to have fun." Damn! No deep meaningful relationship? Mike, you heartbreaker! Jay, on the other hand, seems a bit confused. He implies that Mike and Mai didn't really sleep together; as evidence, he cites the fact that right before she went back to Germany, Mike and Mai stayed up all night watching TV with Jay, even though they'll probably never see each other again. And they look really stiff on the couch -- and not in, um, that way. Jay tries to get to the bottom of what happened, and Mike is all evasive. Did she turn out to be a man? ["Again?" -- Wing Chun] In an interview, Mike compares it to a spring break hookup, where you never see the person again. Jay, in an interview of his own, is surprised that Mike could spend the night with someone in his bed without its meaning anything. "I guess that's just a day in the life of Mike Johnson," says Jay, seriously overestimating the amount of nookie that Mike will ever see in his life.

Jacinda and Paul frolic together on the Metro. A voice-over from Jacinda indicates that Paul stayed for two weeks, that everything is cool between them now, and that she'll miss him when he leaves. She escorts his ass to the airport and kisses him goodbye. As Paul gets on his plane and lovingly looks back at Jacinda, she's all "whatever," and stomps off. In an interview, she expresses some doubt about their future, since her life is so chaotic with the traveling and the modeling. When she arrives back at the house, she cuddles with her puppy. Wow, it's a glamour girl with an allegiance to an animal. How Breakfast at Tiffany's.

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