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So Mel is shrieking for Neh to stop, and Neh and Wes continue their rabid-dog act and finally Danny jumps in and Wes walks off, acting mad and swinging one of the hanging chairs so hard he looks back to make sure it's not going to hit someone before continuing to act pouty and wounded. Mel picks up Rachel and she's howling and sort of acting like a puppy who's been reprimanded with a nip from an older dog. Danny is reminding Neh that Rachel is a girl, but Neh doesn't care, yelling at her again and strutting around. Way to act like a "man" dipshit. Danny camera-talks that he didn't want to let a girl get hurt. Well done, idiot. You jumped in after everything happened. Wicked smaht, dood.

Outside, Mel has the howling Rachel in her lap; Mel is crying, too. Oh, please. Mel camera-talks that two guys should not gang up on a girl like that, regardless of who is wrong or right. Now Rachel walks down the street alone, crying.

Inside, Danny is trying to calm down Wes and Neh, and Wes is just acting for the boys he loves so much, screaming that he "hates" Rachel and then throwing a glass and walking into the other room. Hates her for what? Ruining his lame game with Wren? Permatool.

Sigh. Back outside. Rachel says that there is no way she's going back into that house. Johanna pulls her away and gives Rachel some tough love: she tells Rachel that she's not that drunk, so she'd better pull herself together and stop acting like an idiot. Golf clap for Johanna. More talking on their part. Less caring on mine.

Inside. Rachel weeps her way back into the house. Lacey is there! Hi, Lacey.

Phone room. Rachel talks to Erik, the boyfriend she wants nothing to do with sexually. She tells him about the drama, saying that when Neh jumped in, she told him that at least she didn't go to jail. And then he said, "At least I didn't go to Iraq and claim I did stuff when I really didn't do anything at all." Hee. He said that? Cold. Funny, but cold. Rachel reveals that she then freaked out on Neh and started to try to "claw" at him and stuff. Now she says that she saw people die in Iraq, but that she tried to help them, and she asks Erik for confirmation that she indeed "tried." Erik says that she was a "good nurse." Ooh, I get the feeling Rachel has some secrets from the war. She bitches on that she came on the show to show you could be a young war vet and still have fun. Sure. Unrepresented niche, I guess. She tells Erik to mark her words: she's never going to speak to Neh again. Now get off the phone! Lacey hasn't talked to Ryan for twenty minutes! God. So selfish.

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