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The Frazzled State Of Montana

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The Frazzled State Of Montana

Hey, it's Fiona. For such a relatively memorable episode, the music this half-hour has held up remarkably. Maybe I'll make a mix tape of the full versions of all these songs if this episode ever gets around to ending. Cut to Vaj and Montana in New York, talking about "what they're going through now." Can this marriage be saved?

Well, we've been waiting for the cycle-completing irony all day now, so here's where we finally get around to seeing Jason cheat on Timber. Yay. He's in a group of dirty hippie freaks we've never seen before in what looks like a dorm room at Sarah Lawrence after some great interborough nuclear holocaust, with about five guys playing acoustic guitars and howling. Jason doesn't play guitar, I bet. But standing near guys who do play the guitar and talking about music and smoking is akin to playing the guitar, right? There's even a really pretty French word that sums Jason's ability to play the Near Guitar and hang out with guys who think he's cool because he keeps telling them how cool he is. Wait for it: dilettante. Oh, and then he's kissing this ratty hippie girl. He tells us, "It wasn't a big deal. I kissed this girl. Sure, I feel a little guilty now. A little bit. But, with Timber, she kissed a guy, too. So I don't feel so bad about that. 'Cause it's no big deal." Clearly I don't need to waste all of our hard-earned leisure time commenting on the absurdity of this, do I? Didn't think so.

Nighttime in the firehouse, where Jason ties on his hick once more in that awful, awful wifebeater, which at least covers the naughty bits below the chest this time while still unable to conceal the lanky arms that appear in Figure 1-1 under the entry "Ninety-Eight Pound Weakling" in The Official Real World Encyclopedia. Yup, still there. He's on the phone with Timber, telling her never to lie to him again and making her cry all over, ending his preach with the truly unponderable, "If we don't have trust, we don't have anything. Nothing." All of which goes to prove once more the undeniable differences between genders, confirming for a world in the know that men are from Mars, women are from Venus, Timber should be from Betty Ford, and Jason is just a total, total shit.

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