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The Frazzled State Of Montana

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The Frazzled State Of Montana

I have no idea where Sean and Jason are or that they were ever friends to begin with, but we cut to Indeterminate Firehouse Locale to find Jason mid-homily on the debits and credits of being in love with the entirety of a small but conspicuous sector of the mental health community called "The Placebo Group." Jason free-verses, "For me, the question is whether or not she should be here." She should not. "Do I want her here?" No. "Do I not want her here?" Um, yes. "Am I using her?" Like a fish uses gills, baby. "I mean, if I were to tell her, at this point, that I didn't want her here, it would crush her so badly that I can't even say that she wouldn't be suicidal. And that scares me." Yikes. ["Someone thinks rather highly of himself. -- Wing Chun] Montana (if B-M intentionally chose to structure this episode so that the world's two biggest hypocrites commented on each other's collapsing relationships, I say more power to 'em) voice-overs on Jason's behalf, "Jason said she just fell in with a bad crowd in Boulder, and he was worried about her. And he feels very protective of Timber, and he thought that if they were in the same town, he could look after her." Not a peep out of Sean yet. Good episode.

On a very special Real World, Timber lies on Jason's lap in the firehouse as he launches in: "I hear you've been doing a whole lotta drugs." She tells him that she was afraid to tell him that she was in some kind of serious drug problem trouble because she was afraid he was going to leave her. He counters, "You were afraid I was going to leave you because you were doing -- because you were on a coke binge?" Oooh, an actual binge! Is that more than a habit, but less than a bender? I know I should be feeling a tad more sympathetic, seeing that this conflicted girl is, y'know, an actual person and all, but it's so glamorized by the music and bells and whistles that it lapses into campy plot fodder, like some cold-weather Valley of the Dolls rip-off fully funded by Urban Outfitters and IKEA. Again, however, without the rehab part. Timber whimpers further, "I felt like the more I pretended everything was okay, you would think that I was doing okay and that I didn't miss you so much and hurt so much." Really, this is so pathetic and codependent. And, if I may Psych 101 the situation, Timber can clearly sense Jason's lack of commitment to this relationship so much that it's sending her into a deeper depression spiral just being around him. Her twelve-step program needs to be taking twelve steps away from Jason and onto a plane out of town, stat. Fortunately, Jason takes care of the of the breaking up in the meanest possible way I know, waiting for her to open up about her drug problem and then lulling her into trusting him unconditionally. Shaky move, Timber: "One thing that did happen that I did not tell you is that I stayed at his house. I slept on his couch and he slept in his room." Wait, who's "he"? I don't think we ever know for sure, but Jason somehow knows inherently that she's lying, and he sits up on the couch in her most vulnerable moment and demands, "Get out of my house." She tells him that she felt very alone and that there was someone who would pay attention to her, and Jason ambiguously states, "I've got to be able to trust you a lot deeper than that." Could this whole arc be any more unclear? I didn't get it when I first watched it and I don't really know what's going on now. Jason puts a fine enough point on it: "I don't want to talk to you anymore. I really don't." Then he leaves the room, leaving her sitting alone in the dark. Ouch. I agree strongly that cheaters should never get a second chance, but, dude, she's a coke addict. Her problems are a little bit bigger than yours just at the moment. Maybe you could reserve judgment until you have a chance to think about it a little. Walk around, clear your head. Maybe chill out and write some spoken word on the matter and...actually, don't.

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