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The Genesis Of Conflict

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The Genesis Of Conflict

Over at Logan Airport, elegantly edited shots of planes we're supposed to believe are carrying Elka cut to her aqua-sweatered confessional concerning her first meeting with Kameelah: "I just knew she was going to be black. I mean, that name just screams black. Y'know, for me." And you care why? "Because they're cheap?" No, Elka, those are the Jews. Try to keep your prejudged slurs and assumptions about people who are different from you and daddy straight, won't you? Speaking of "straight," if you're not you rot in hell, I suppose? Just so we're on the same page here. So "Elka" dares to make a judgment call on the name "Kameelah." Tough call, "Elka." A name which screams "feminine plural of mule-like forest dwelling animal" to me, by the way. Kameelah arrives. She is of average female height, wears a stylin' black leather jacket, hair pulled on top of her head and a pair of sunglasses propped on top of the whole thing. And yes, she happens to be black. How convenient for Elka, who now believes herself to know everything she needs to know about Kameelah. The first question Elka lobs at Kameelah is, "Is your tongue pierced?" It is, and Elka takes a step back in shock before uttering a sanctimonious "wow." Hey, MTV producers, that's about enough "well, golly jeepers" glares of awestruck wonder, okay? We get it. I'm about halfway to believing that if Kameelah were to so much as play a spirited round of "got your nose" with this provincial target, Elka would just about drop to her knees and pray for this exotic Nubian voodoo sorceress to spare her short, futile, God-fearing existence.

Introductory montage of Boston on the cab ride. I spent quite a bit of time there in college visiting friends, and it's pretty accurate as far as how I remember it: Historic, snow-covered, and always rapidly approaching dusk.

Meanwhile, over at the Kendall T stop, newly introduced character Jason makes almost as bad a first impression on the audience as I have seen since, well, I'd have to go all the way back to Elka. Lost in the city, lost in grammatical clarity, lost in his ability to differentiate between his first few episodes on screen and Seth Green's character in Can't Hardly Wait, Jason asks for directions, divulges that he "journals [sic] everything," and wears a knit black hat in his first confessional that speaks quietly "Please can I be cool" but is drowned out by the bellowed truth, "Damn, scrawny white boy!" Conjugate the verb "to journal" for me, will you, writer man?

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