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The Genesis Of Conflict

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The Genesis Of Conflict

Elka's discomfort increasing. Sean's annoyance stifling. Kameelah's self-righteousness palpable to the point of it acquiring its own taste. After Montana and Sean finally arrive at the house amidst the third in a shoddily recapped series of comments concerning the firehouse needing "a pole I can slide down," Jason speeches Genesis about already seeing "the whole game plan," saying that he got a weird vibe from everyone they just met twelve seconds ago. Jason suggests that they have their "first official house meeting," and the music takes on the bassy, high-drama tone that is this episode's hallmark of The First Big Talk. Sean assumed that the three males of the house would live together in the provided triple, and Montana comments that she would rather live with another woman. Syrus, Kameelah, and Jason all covet the same bed, and Sean suggests that they could go with "who's oldest." It's a stupid idea, and I'm sorry that, among all of my options for other completely inane dialogue to quote verbatim here, that I had to go with that one. So much extraneous noise. I'm sayin', shut up unless you're holding the conch, people. Elka and Montana do not want to live with the boys, so they take leave of the meeting and claim themselves a double somewhere. Already I have no real idea which direction they're heading in when they leave, and I realize with a kind of dawning horror that this house seems to maintain about as much architectural integrity from scene to scene as the interior of the Brady house. Cut to Elka and Montana's newly acquired room and the planting of the seeds for what will become sadly stigmatized as the Dork Clique, where Montana drops the boyfriend bomb and fills Elka's virginal mind with all the hot, steamy lovin' that's going to take place in the next bed when Montana's boyfriend comes to visit. Ewww. Sex with pocky-faced Vaj. Good thing the New Geography has it that New York is now measured in light years from where they live now, thus significantly lessening the chances of said Vaj chartering the appropriate transportation. Keep in mind that, from what the cameras choose to show (and this is the world that is real, according to the title, so clearly the cameras never lie), Genesis has not, as of yet, said one word about the room situation. By the way.

Over in the confessional, Kameelah bemoans Genesis' insistence of "sharing a room with a man." Eh? Back in the triple, Kameelah interrupts the Cooler Clique of Jason, Syrus and Genesis, who are self-indulgently in the process of deciding that there is "a vibe" between the three of them. Sean and Jason have words, Genesis stands up for herself sort of, and Sean and Kameelah, the Consolation Prize Clique, dash off for their new domestic space. Sean takes off his glasses in the confessional because he thinks it makes him a sex machine. Jason comments that "I've got vibes and I've got good ones and bad ones, and I've got some bad vibes from a couple of cats already" before pouting out of the room, presumably to journal and journal and journal the night away.

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