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The High Life

Robin and Mike walk down the street arm in arm. Do people really do that? Robin has put on a cardigan over her t-shirt and it looks a lot better. They sit on a bench and discuss how nervous they were. Mike has on a crooked baseball cap, which bothers me, but Robin seems okay with it. Robin interviews that Mike is a nice guy, and that she's attracted to him. He is cute in that military way. Robin interviews that they are just getting to know each other. They hug goodbye. Robin interviews that she believes in signs (of course she does) and that Mike is a Libra, and that he's also Greek and she loves Greek culture. She probably watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding and ate some baklava, and now she's an expert.

Robin gets home from her date and giggles with Cameran over how great the date was. Cameran interviews that Robin is smitten with the guy. Robin is just giddy, and Cameran says that Robin must like Mike a lot.

The next day, Robin calls her mom and tells her about Mike. Robin interviews that Mike's eyes are gorgeous, and that she likes his fat lips. Robin's mom seems very supportive, even after Robin reveals that Mike is a Marine. Robin has nothing but great things to say about Mike to her mom. Robin interviews that she and Mike haven't done anything yet, and that it's been "strictly PG." Hey! That's the same interview they used before, and they pretended she was talking about Randy! That's foul. I know editors have to use footage to tell a story, but they don't have to be so blatant about it.

Frankie, Jamie, and Cameran get ready to go out. Jacquese asks Frankie what's up, and Frankie sounds very irritated as she explains that they're going to the alleged porn director's house, and that they're being picked up by a limo. In a confessional, Jacquese worries that the guys don't have good intentions. Jamie is wearing a backless black halter top and a miniskirt. She's got the body for it, but it's kind of skank-wear. I think you could wear the top or the skirt, but both together is crossing some sort of line. Cameran interviews that they are going to a house that belongs to the father of one of Ryan's friends. It does? I thought it belonged to the twenty-two-year-old millionaire. This story is fishy. Frankie tells Jacquese that they're supposed to leave at 10 PM. Frankie looks somewhat dumpy in a sleeveless black t-shirt and huge jeans with clunky black shoes. Frankie complains that she didn't even know about the limo until today. Brad interviews that he hates that the girls are all impressed by the limo. Cameran says, "This kid is a sketchball." Ryan? Or someone else? And why do you want to hang out with someone who is a sketchball? Jacquese interviews that the girl are falling into a trap.

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