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The High Life

They get to the end of the driveway, and the gate is closed. Is anyone worried about Frankie? Cameran and Jamie climb over the gate. Suddenly, Frankie is with them again. Jamie interviews that Cameran's way of dealing with situations is to run away. Jamie scoffs like that's so unbelievable. Well, in that case, I think Cameran made the right decision. I liked Jamie better when she didn't talk. Adam explains to the girls that Ryan stole the homeowner's car and crashed it, so the homeowner told them to leave. Frankie interviews that Cameran has been "lucky without having to see the devil in people thus far." What does that even mean? There's so much unsaid in this episode. I feel like there must be hidden clues to what really happened, but I have no idea. Cameran tells Jamie that she's disgusted and wants to throw up.

The girls take a cab home, and then run inside the house. Cameran pulls out a piece of pizza and a chocolate cake and starts pigging out. Cameran voice-overs that she's realizing she doesn't have as much experience as she thought she did. The next day, Randy explains the ways of the world to Cameran. Apparently, if you have money, your sons will turn out to be drug addicts who drive around in limos doing coke, and right and wrong are blurred. Thanks, Randy! Cameran interviews that she won't go out with Ryan again in her life, because she'd rather have fun with her vibrator. Amen, Cameran!

Next time: Brad's ex-girlfriend Andrea comes to visit, and Cameran is upset about it. Brad gets drunk and is arrested again. I think Brad might have a problem.

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