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Melissa offers to do some research (i.e. ask her parents) and adds that she has "a lot to say" because she's the product of an interracial marriage. Plus, she adds somewhat jokingly that every relationship that she has is "interracial, or multiracial, or intraracial" and everyone chuckles except David, who totally dismisses her comments by saying, "That's love." David pretends Melissa never even spoke, and says that he has a couple coming on to discuss the topic. I can understand wanting to get both sides of the story and all, but wouldn't it be nice to let Melissa be involved in a topic that is clearly a big deal for her? That's like if they did a show on people who make constipated faces while singing and didn't let David be involved. Or if they did a show on men who wear really brightly-colored shirts and like to break-dance, and they were like, "Sorry, Matt, but we've already got someone." Or if they did a show about men with extraordinarily large craniums, and they were like, "Sorry, Jamie, but James Van Der Beek and Jay Leno have already been confirmed. Maybe next time." You know? In an interview, Melissa says that her "input is not appreciated," and she gets nothing but rejections every time she tries to put her two cents in. Knowing Melissa, she probably tries to put in about twenty-two cents, but still. See above. David talks to Matt about the set, and says that he has a band coming in for the show, so he'll give Matt the particulars tomorrow, particularly about "the keyboard player, blah, blah, blah." David says that he's meeting with the band at 2:00 PM, but that they still have to be in the office. Then he says that because of the band, he wants to do a lot of "pan shots" and "quick shots." Gee, are those the technical terms? And seriously, it's cable-access television, not NYU Film School. Spare me the fancy editing. In an interview, Danny says that David has "this wall between himself and the rest of us." Then there's another unnecessary scene-ending shot of David just sitting on the couch and shaking his head, kind of like a horse. Again, I posit that they were a little short on time this week and decided to stretch each scene to its limit.

At NOA-TV, David asks someone for the number in the office. David voice-overs that its 1:30 and he's got to meet with the manager of the band at 2:00. Matt adds helpfully, in an interview, "And the car is gone." Seriously, that was the whole interview segment with Matt. See, I think they're trying to make it out like David isn't the only one who's upset over this issue, so they have Matt throw in really unnecessary details that I'm sure David covered in his own interview. Cut to Julie driving the car, with Melissa and Kelley reading a magazine in the back seat. Julie is totally turned around in her seat talking to them, and I'm just waiting for them to get in an accident. Cut back to the station, where David is voice-overing, "Jamie is chilling, Matt's at the computer, and nobody else is there." Then, in case we didn't grasp the subtleties of "nobody else is there," David goes on to say that nobody is in the editing suite, nobody is in the production suite, and nobody's anywhere. David pages the missing roommates. In an interview, David helps the editors stretch this episode out a little more by explaining what he was just doing, saying that he's paging everybody, "like 1-800-page, page, page." Ah, I think I've figured out his problem. There are way too many digits in that phone number. No wonder in the next scene we see him getting a "out of service" tone. David continues talking, saying that they knew he had to go to this meeting, and it's bothering him a lot. Back in the car, Julie asks everyone if they want to go right back to work. Danny says yes, and Melissa says sarcastically, "Yes, so we can get yelled at. Please, take me quickly." Notice that they are cutting this as if the events in the car are happening while David is paging them, when they could have been hours before or hours later.

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