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In an interview, Matt says, "It's not like they're just dissing their boss. They're dissing David." I thought he was defending them with that statement, but it turns out that he was saying they were wrong to be gone so long. See how it could go either way, though? David paces around the office. In an interview, David says that he has the band waiting to meet him, but this could mess it all up. Now, from all this description, you'd think that like twenty minutes has passed at least, right? David said it was 1:30 a long time ago. Except that the clock on the wall says that it's 1:32 now. It's two minutes later. I feel so manipulated, as usual. David tells Matt that he'll make the meeting, but if the missing roommates don't call, and he has to take a cab, he'll be "one pissed person," so he'd "advise someone to be there" when he sees them again, to separate him because he will go off. When David said "if they don't call," they cut to a shot of Jamie on the phone, and I thought maybe Jamie was secretly talking to them and telling them to stay away longer. But I guess it was just another random clip of Jamie, to prove he still lives there. And, David? Chill the fuck out. I can understand being cheesed off about the car business, but making threats doesn't prove anything except that you are immature. Jamie seems to share my sentiment, as they cut to him for a reason this time, and he makes a face like, "Ooookay!" Back in the delinquent car, Melissa is predicting David's reaction upon their return: "Where the hell have you guys been? We have been working! So! Hard!" Julie chimes in that David will be so mad that he'll stammer, "Wuh, wuh, wuh, wuh," and everyone cracks up because they are four years old. Someone (Julie?) yells out, "And that is not love!" which is actually kind of funny. Back in the studio, David tells Jamie to tell the missing group that they shouldn't have left, and he's pissed, and he's "going to wring their fucking asses." He assures Jamie that he can deliver the message any way he wants, and then dismisses Jamie. If I were Jamie, as soon as David walked away, I would have done a mock salute, but then again, I am also four years old. ["And how in the hell do you wring someone's ass?" -- Sars] David and Matt walk out.

In an interview, Matt says that he and David ended up "hitching a ride to meet with the manager of 'Mental Metropolis.'" I'm sure he means that someone gave them a ride, not that they stuck out their thumbs on the side of the road, although that does present a humorous mental image. While they meet with the band manager, David voice-overs that he "has issues" (you're telling me!) because the only person really, really working hard besides himself is Matt. They finish their meeting and leave. While walking down the street, they have a conversation where David says they discussed being in the office from noon to four. Matt says that "they know they're in the wrong," and then gives an example of how he would handle it if he were the producer. I actually like Matt for a second, because he gives David advice in a pretty non-offensive manner. I half-expected David to turn around and spit, "You're NOT the producer! I am! Me! David! Me!"

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