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Kelley says that they have done the work that was delegated to them. David says, "Who is talking? Are you talking for you guys? Go ahead." This is annoying, not only because he mumbles it, but also because it shows how David is paranoid and thinks they are all ganging up on him, and that it's a team of "you guys" versus him and his little buddy, Matt. Kelley gets annoyed too, and tells David that she is finished. In an interview, Jamie says that David "took his leadership responsibility to this next level of...dictatorship." David tells them all that he doesn't give a damn what happened in the past. Melissa says that he should respect the fact that it was a mistake, and that they've apologized, but from this misunderstanding, they've learned that there will be no one boss. They have? Are these people even listening to one another at all? David says, "That's too easy." I don't even know what they are talking about. It's like the editors took a whole bunch of sentences and just put them in random order. Hmm. Anyway, Kelley says that it's pointless. Julie decides to be the voice of reason, and says that the point is that David got his work done, and did it well, and the bottom line is that they all need to get their work done and do it well. I have no idea what that has to do with not getting the car back on time. David says, "This is the thing. This is the thing. This is the thing." Would someone hit him on the back already? He's like a broken record. David finally gets unjammed and continues, "Tomorrow, twelve to four, period. Twelve to four, you do your job." Except when he says, "Twelve to four," he refuses to move his lips, so it comes out, "Tel to faux." He bugs me. If I were Melissa, I think I would just keep repeating that it won't work, like David did when they were discussing the book idea. And then if I were Kelley, I would tell David that I was working on my own thing, but I wasn't going to give him any information about it, but he had to make room for it in the show. Wouldn't you love to see David get a taste of his own medicine? Anyway, the editors stretch the scene by showing a shot of Melissa. Danny. Matt. Jamie. Julie. Belfort Exterior. Cut. Good one! They added about twenty seconds there.

Kelley, Matt, and Danny are walking down the street. I hope to God they are headed for the gym, because they are all in workout clothes. The kicker is that Matt is wearing a New Kids on the Block T-shirt. Did you know they had a bunch of hits? Can't you just see Matt sitting in his room, downloading "Please Don't Go, Girl" and "The Right Stuff" on Napster? Kelley says that she knows David is frustrated, but he doesn't know the right way to get his point across without making everyone defensive. Danny says he was fine, and being a gentleman about the car, until David started in with, "When I say twelve to four, you gotta be there!" Danny tries to imitate David in that last part, but he really just sounds like Mr. T, like "I pity the fool who don't work twelve to four!" Danny says getting lectured that way makes him crazy. Matt just lurks in the background as usual. Kelley says that David is trying to say something that is right, but he says it wrong. Matt pipes in that he's proud of David for keeping his cool, because he "knows how easy it is for him to get all wound up." Kelley says that David says things the wrong way, and that he needs "Communication Skills 101." Kelley continues babbling about communication skills, and Matt gets hit in the head by a low-hanging branch and then quickly ducks and covers, and practically rolls into the fetal position. I don't know if he thought it was a bat, or what, but it was pretty funny to see. Even better was the complete non-reaction from Danny and Kelley.

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