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The Italian Job

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The Italian Job

The roommates all go out to dinner. Leah makes a big deal out of asking Adam if he got a date yet in Florence. She totally just asked him so that she could reveal that she has a date. Leah glows with the attention. She interviews that she got a date with her waiter at lunch. The roommates get flaming shots, and Adam tries to do a toast to the people in the country, but Leah interrupts, "To Leah getting a date!" God, shut up! No one cares. Adam interviews that he's happy for Leah, because she hasn't even looked at guys since they've been in the house. She hasn't? Does anyone remember her big crush on Ace?

The roommates leave the restaurant. Leah says that she's scared to go meet her date. Chris advises her to lean up against the wall and stare at the guy, but Leah thinks that would make her look totally evil. So her true self would come out? They all arrive at the restaurant, and Leah introduces her date, Giuseppe, to her roommates. Giuseppe? Not that cute, I don't think. I mean, I'm sure he's a nice guy, and to me that would be more important, but I would think Leah would go for someone flashier. Leah asks Giuseppe if he's ready for the date, and he goes inside to get ready. Mallory and Simon give Leah advice about staying in control and not drinking too much. Leah thinks they are treating her like she's five. Maybe they're just worried because you are in a foreign country going out with a complete stranger? I think I would be a little freaked out. Chris asks Leah if she wants his shank. Leah is confused. Chris clarifies that he wants to give her his "sticker." He pulls out a knife and offers it to Leah. Hee! That was awesome. Leah is appalled and squeals as loudly as possible that Chris tried to give her "weapondry" [sic]. Leah interviews that Chris doesn't want his female roommates to date anyone. Leah points out that Giuseppe is smaller than she is. Chris points out that Giuseppe has a fur collar on his coat, which I guess marks him as a weirdo. I'd go along with that theory. Chris also advises Leah to "double-bag it." Chris is cracking me up. Chris interviews that he's treating Leah like he would treat his sister, by telling her that the guy isn't good enough and getting on her case.

Leah and Giuseppe go off on their date. It's scenic. They walk around and don't talk to each other at all. Looks like fun! They end up in a bar. Giuseppe asks what she likes to do, and Leah says she likes to shop. Check, please! How can you date someone who lists her first hobby as shopping? Leah interviews that it was exciting and romantic. Giuseppe kisses Leah's hand. Giuseppe asks Leah about her ex-boyfriend. Then he starts kissing her. Soon, they are full-on making out in the restaurant. Classy.

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