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And now it's time for the Most Awesome Thing I Saw on TV Last Week. First, a Most Awesome programming note: there's a new season of Endurance starting on NBC on Saturday, September 27th. Check local listings. The most awesome thing I saw on TV last week was the new Bunim-Murray show, Starting Over. First of all, it's on every weekday. Every weekday! And since women are usually the ones who cause all of the drama in a Real World house, Bunim and Murray only allowed women in the Starting Over house. And boy, are these women messed up. They are supposed to be in the house so that they can change their lives, but some of them seem to only be there to get on television. Okay, I guess that part is not that different from The Real World. But they do have some crazy ladies in that house. Like there's Nyanza, who reminds me of Tami from The Real World Los Angeles, but a little bit less crazy. But Nyanza really loves herself, which makes me wonder what exactly she thinks she is going to change about herself. I think Nyanza would be a lot happier if she could change everyone in her life instead of herself. And then there's Maureen, who wants to become a stand-up comedian. The problem is that she's not funny, has no sense of timing, and is frankly kind of scary. Also, stinky, because she rarely bathes. And then there is Andy. Oh, Andy. She looks like Brooke Shields, but bigger and more mannish. And she's crazy! And manipulative! And overly dramatic! And antagonistic! The usual problem with B/M shows is that they start out strong and then get really boring or repetitive. (See: The Real World/Road Rules Challenge). I'm hoping that doesn't happen with Starting Over, because once a woman achieves her goals, she gets to leave the house and a new person come in. Oh, and I didn't even mention the life coaches. Life coaches! Awesome.

Ace decides, based on the reactions of the other roommates, that Leah must be right about Chris. Ace stands up and says that it's time to go, and tries to encourage Chris to come with him. Chris wants to stay and drink. Ace says that they have to go and find some beautiful women. Chris protests that they have beautiful women right there, and gives Christina a hug and kiss. Chris finally leaves and Leah makes a huge deal out of it and keeps repeating that she's humiliated. Simon says that it doesn't reflect on her, and adds that he's embarrassed for Chris, but not embarrassed by Chris. Mallory says that she's embarrassed by Chris and also annoyed at Ace for drinking with him. Because Mallory has never gotten drunk and done anything embarrassing to herself or others. Leah interviews in a baby voice that she's nervous that Giuseppe will hate her because her roommate is a drunk. Dude, if he hates you for that, he's not worth dating. Not everyone is as superficial as you are, Leah. Leah says that everything was perfect, and Simon says that it still is. Mallory says that Chris was only there for two minutes.

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