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The New Orleans Melissa Interview, Part III

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The New Orleans Melissa Interview, Part III
We go back to discussing the other Real World cast members that she has met. Melissa: I was with Amaya, and that girl is a trip. Kim: Really? Melissa: We all deal with the public differently. Kim: And she's had a year. Melissa: Oh, totally, and I've had three months. So I'm really nice, and she said to me, "Wow, you're really nice." [laughs] She was just blown at how nice I am. But she was eating a taco, and someone came up and asked her for a picture, and she said, "No, not right now, I'm eating." And for me, I was just like, "[gasp] You just said no!" and she was like, "So?" Kim: Well, she got a lot of shit too. I mean, people really had a lot of problems with her. So I'm sure she gets a lot of negative reaction. Melissa: People will come up to you and try to trivialize and water down your fame. They'll be like, "Oh my God! You're my absolute favorite! What's your name again?" Or, "I don't really watch your show. I just saw a commercial and you look like that girl." Whatever. It's like the show people love to hate, and they will not admit that they watch it. I watch it! Shit, I will not lie. I watch me some Real World. I was all over Kaia like flies on doody. Kim: How did you meet [Amaya]? Did you meet her through BMP? Melissa: I met her in New Orleans, actually, at our wrap party, because she did our promos. Kim: Oh, she did the promos -- she and Nathan. Melissa: Yeah, so she and Nathan were there, and they're like, "Welcome to the family," and they were really sweet about it. Amaya is teeny tiny. Kim: Everyone who has met her in person says that: "You would not believe how tiny she is!" She's just a petite little package. Melissa: She's my height, with just big old titties! She's so cute too. She is so cute. And Colin is FIIINE, okay? I met him and I was like, "Don't make me rape you." I love him! David from Seattle is fine. Just fine. The two different-colored eyes, and he works out every day? I was straight trying to French kiss him. You meet these people and -- don't get me wrong, I've passed judgment on all of these kids. I used to sit at home and be like, "Oh, fuck you, Kaia!" I was like, "You're just evil! You're just mean!" David from Seattle is absolutely off the hook. I love him to death. Like, the person he is on TV is this serious VMI boy who's heartbroken and in love. That kid comes up with crazy shit. He's like, "You know what, guys? I'm a warrior."

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