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The New Orleans Melissa Interview, Part III

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The New Orleans Melissa Interview, Part III
Kim: I love the graphics. I just went and looked at [the site], and they're so cute! Melissa: Oh, those are all hand drawn and scanned in. Kim: Cool! So you did all the artwork? Melissa: Every single thing. Kim: Cool. You're very talented. That's something that may never make it on the show. Melissa: It will never make it on the show. Jamie had his company. He had investors. He had everything before the show even started. I mean, he was web savvy. Kim: It's so interesting for me, as a viewer, because sometimes Matt will put up his commentary on various episodes. In previous seasons, we didn't really get the opportunity to get the castmates' take on various episodes. And to see his journal and see what he was doing before he was on the show. Melissa: Matt's journal is -- he tells everything. Everything! Oh my God, you have a private life! I would not be able to talk about my boyfriend on my web page! But he's so proud of his girlfriend. Which he should be. She's gorgeous. Kim: He just linked to her new site, her modeling portfolio. Melissa: He built all that for her. Kim: Yeah, she's beautiful. Melissa: He's absolutely in love with her. Kim: He sounds it! Melissa: When you talk to Matt, it's like, "Matt are you coming to the whatever?" And he's like, "Anyway, me and Meredith..." [laughs] Kim: So, can you tell me what you're doing now, and what you hope to do, and what the castmates that you're in touch with are up to? Melissa: I was at the Groundlings. I finished that. I mean, it was fun and everything, but I think I'm more suited for standup and not improv. So I'm developing my standup with this lady. I have all my material, and then she just tweaks it and puts transitions in. And it really is about just getting brave and being able to do it. You would think, since I had my whole life on TV and I just put my ass out there, that I would be able to get up on stage. It's just like nerve-wracking, and I sweat to death. Then, I'm going to take another class at Second City, try the improv thing again, just to try. Just because in Hollywood, you can have talent, but you don't have it until it's on some piece of paper somewhere. Kim: So you can say, "Oh, I've been to Second City and Groundlings." And people go, "Ooh, Second City." Melissa: And I realize too -- like I'm not stupid -- my window of opportunity is closing fast. You know, once these new kids start filming, which they're casting now, I will not be shit. And Julie is looking at schools in California.

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