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The New Orleans Melissa Interview, Part III

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The New Orleans Melissa Interview, Part III
Kim: Yeah, I've heard stories about him. Melissa: He's so gross. And then he's hitting on me, and he goes, "I'd like to see more of you." And I go, "Okay, every Tuesday night at 10:00." And he says, "No, in real life." And I go, "No, it's reality-based TV." I just skipped up out of there. He is scary. I remember all of my co-workers on the show clowned me for a week. They're like, "Yo, Gary Coleman." Kim: Have you met any other celebrities? Melissa: I saw Lisa Loeb the other day, and I got so scared that I couldn't talk to her. Kim: But isn't it weird, because people feel like that about you? And you feel like that about other celebrities? Melissa: I know! I went to a taping of Moesha, and that girl Char, who plays Moesha's best friend was like, "Hey, girl, I love you!" and she invites me to Disneyland, and she's just so nice. And I'm like, "You think I'm cool? But you're on TV." Kim: But you're on TV! Melissa: It's the weirdest thing to meet celebrities and they freak on you. Like Ray, the MTV VJ Raymond, he called me. I don't care though. I'm trying to milk this and straight up meet Justin from *NSYNC because I love him. Kim: I hear he's with Britney, though. Are you going to steal him away? Melissa: He is. But I love him so much more. And I don't think he understands how much I love him. *NSYNC is black! Have you heard that album? Kim: I haven't heard the whole album, no. Melissa: That shit is like watered-down Boyz 2 Men. It's good! Kim: I love *NSYNC. Believe me. I'm no snob about that. People say they don't listen to "Bye Bye Bye." Whatever! You love it. It's a good song. Melissa: I missed the whole *NSYNC revolution because I was filming the show and I couldn't watch. Don't you know, when I got home, I watched everything I could watch. We talked for a while about my recaps, but this interview isn't about me, so I'm editing it out. I thought this part of the exchange was interesting though. Melissa: Oh, you can still tear me up. Kim: It's so hard, though! Last season, I was the only one recapping a reality-based show. Everybody else was just doing Felicity or whatever. And so, they'd get to make fun of the characters, but they could say, "I don't know why the writers are doing this. This is stupid." But I was making fun of actual people. And I always had such a moral conflict with that. Obviously, not enough to stop. I hope that people understand that I'm trying to be funny, and part of being funny, sometimes, is being ridiculous.

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