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The New Orleans Melissa Interview, Part II

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The New Orleans Melissa Interview, Part II
Melissa: So we were eating dinner, and Julie's dad was still there. My dad goes, "Where'd that Mormon guy go?" And I'm like, "Oh, Jesus." And then they're sitting on the porch together and I'm like, "Julie, my dad and your dad are on the porch together right now, and I don't know if you want to go break that up." She's like, "Oh God, what do you think they are talking about?" We sent Matt out there to go talk to them. We're like, "Matt, just make them not talk about us." It was hilarious because my dad is very blunt, and Julie's dad doesn't curse. [Julie's dad] probably doesn't know black people intimately. My dad's like, "So, I'm stationed in North Dakota, right, and these mother fuckers tell me..." and I'm like, "Oh my God." Jamie took my dad out. They had beers. They had Mardi Gras beads. I was like, "Have you been with Jamie, Dad?" And he's like, "Oh, Jamie is a standup guy. I like him." Kim: [laughs] I hope that makes the show. But it won't, because it's not Jamie being a jerk, so clearly that won't make the cut. Melissa: It was hilarious, though. My mother absolutely adored everybody. I hope they don't subtitle my mom. Her heart would just be broken. She was so upset, after the casting special. She was like, "Everybody make fun of me, say I got my panty at K-Mart." I'm like, "But you did!" [laughs] Kim: So what do your parents think about you on the show? Do they watch it, and call you? Melissa: I get a call about 7:00 Pacific time every Tuesday. And my dad will be like, "Baby, you do know I gotta keep my job now, goddammit." And I'm like, "Dad, it's just stripping, whatever." And my dad's like, "Well, I'm gonna go into work early every Wednesday because I got the real scoop and everything." I'll call my mom, if I'm on the road, and I'll be like, "Mom, what happened on the show last night? I didn't get to see it." This is my mom's recap. It'll take seriously an hour. "Well, what happened is, Danny, he is gay." Kim: Like that changes from week to week. Melissa: Yeah, Danny's gay every week to my mom. And that's true because Danny is fulfilling the gay character. Kim: Right. Just like Jamie can only be bad, Danny can only be gay. Melissa: Right! Danny did not talk about being gay that much! Every time I see him, I'm like, "God! What?" Like if you were to hang out with Danny, you would not know he was gay, unless he told you. ["And here, I'm embarrassed to report, I told a really boring story that I've already told on the forums involving the time I saw Danny in person when I was in New York City. I'll spare you." -- Wing Chun]

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