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The New Orleans Melissa Interview, Part II

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The New Orleans Melissa Interview, Part II
Melissa: It's amazing, too, the people that come out of the woodwork. People that I knew in third grade have called my mom and they're like, "Do you know where Melissa is?" And Mom is just like, "Hey, you don't never talk to her! Remember, you told her she had big lip?" My mom just throws things in people's faces. I hope that she's on the show, because if you meet my parents on the show, you will understand more why I'm so kooky. Because they're just ridiculous. And I respect them so much -- thirty years together, with that problem, and they're happy, and they held hands all the time. Conversation turns to the fact that all of the mistakes that the people on the show make are recorded on film forever. Kim: Well, I think all girls make some mistakes in their lives, in terms of guys that they get involved with and to have that be on national television would just be the worst. Melissa: So, I went on a date with Frat Matt and I disliked him because he was Frat Matt, because at the core, he wasn't really fun, and he was there for the television show. I could see him looking at the cameras. I could see him calling his friends and inviting them. They ask in your interviews, "How was your upbringing?" I'm like, "I grew up in an all-white neighborhood where a lot of the kids were privileged and I wasn't." Juxtapose that with me and Matt in the hot tub and it's, "Oh, now she doesn't like rich, white boys." I don't even care. I was upset at first, but now I don't even care. Kim: So when in that process would you say it hit you that he just wanted to be on TV? Melissa: When we're in the hot tub together, and I was totally grossed out... Kim: And you go, "You have baby hands" [laughs] That was so funny, because he totally did! Melissa: Julie was the first to notice it. Julie goes, "Melissa, don't date him. His hands are small. Look at them, they're disgusting." And then we started calling him T-Rex. [laughs] The crew was like, "That's just not nice." I'm like, "Will you put it on the show?" And they're like, "NO!" So, I was cognizant of it when he showed up, and he was wondering what everybody was doing. "Oh, Kelley looks really pretty. Where's she going? I bet she's going on a date. Oh, where's Jamie going? Oh, he's going out with his friends. Oh, where's David?" And he started wondering about everybody in the house. And so it looked like, "Oh my God, he doesn't ask me about me." And it looks like I'm just totally self-absorbed. But he wasn't interested in dating me. He was interested in dating Real World.

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