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The New Orleans Melissa Interview, Part II

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The New Orleans Melissa Interview, Part II
Kim: So, they edited out the parts where he was asking about everything BUT you, and they just showed the parts where you were like, "But let's talk about me." Melissa: Right. "Are you going to be with me or what?" Kim: So you were kind of trying to say, "Look, are you dating me, or are you dating Real World?" Melissa: Right. And I was blown when they showed on TV [that I said] he was just involved in the glitz and glamour of what's going on around me. I could not believe they put that on TV. That is me saying, "I'm cognizant of cameras. I'm cognizant of a television show." And they put it on the show! I guess because it's been on for nine years, they really have nowhere else to go. I mean, you have to admit it at one point.

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