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The Obligatory Elka Plot Line

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The Obligatory Elka Plot Line

Sometime later, Elka picks up a ringing phone to find Matt is on the line. Vaj and Montana are asleep on a couch mere inches away from them, so Elka whispers, "Is that you, Matt?" Elka, I think, wakes Montana up, but it seems like this phone conversation is the product of a completely different day. Montana takes the phone, and it really sounds like Matt is drunk and hanging out in his frat house with every last one of his friends and called her on a dare. He's super-flip, laughing at hilarious questions Montana lobs at him, like, "How are you?" Ha. She leaves the house to "work out," and tells him she'll stop by on her way back. He shrieks "LATER" and hangs up. Then he does a keg stand and calls every local radio station within a fifty-mile radius of Boston metro. Then he stops all that, 'cause he's gotta lotta high-fivin' to do. Oh, Matt. You great, incorrigible, egg-headed, opportunist bastard, you.

And so Vaj departs. Or "hit[s] the bricks," as he tells Elka. He takes his bag and makes for the door, and by Montana's reaction, it seems she had no idea he was leaving either. She walks him downstairs. They sort of kiss goodbye. She voice-overs, "He left feeling very sad and feeling very angry and confused. Not feeling good about the visit as a whole." Gee, I wonder why that might be. Morose close-up on the painting. His soul is half-full. His painting half-awful. Except for the "half."

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