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The One You've Been Waiting For

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The One You've Been Waiting For

In an interview, David makes more excuses for himself.

In the kitchen, Dom sighs and wishes that "none of this had ever happened."

In his Interview of Apologies, David tells Tami that he doesn't want her to "feel dangerous around him." I think he meant "unsafe," but that wasn't not funny.

"Irregardless [sic]," Beth says, in the kitchen, "[the girls] don't feel safe living with David." Dom asks why, specifically, they feel that way. They explain that it's because David "gets physical." He wants to hear their bodies talk. Dom asks if they've talked to David. Irene says that they haven't, because they want to kick him out instead of trying to work it out. She's not that blunt, but that's the upshot. Aaron sighs. All of the boys look very uncomfortable with this ultimatum. Irene says that if David doesn't leave, she will. Of course, she's leaving anyway. Jon asks if they all feel the same way. Beth -- in a black turtleneck, because she, at least, understands the gravity of this, "situation" -- sighs that they just don't know what David will do next. Aaron secretly wishes that David could at least stick around long enough to kill Beth. He says that while he respects their opinion, it's...his voice trails off. Irene says that they're telling David that they want him to leave. Tonight! Dum dum dum dum!

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