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The One You've Been Waiting For

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The One You've Been Waiting For

From his bed, Dom yells that there is to be no violence in his room. He tells David that he doesn't know what happened, but that Tami is filing charges. David says that all he did was pull the cover off of her. Tami hears this and takes her ass and her hairspray into Dom's room, telling David that she told him to stop, and he wouldn't. She gets in his face and says that David wouldn't stop laughing, because he thought it was funny. She shakes the hairspray and yells...wait for it... "It wasn't not funny!" Hee hee. Next to David, Aaron is trying very hard not to laugh. David asks Tami, calmly, if they can talk, and asks her not to hit him. Tami says that if she hits him, she's "gonna hurt him." David tells her, again, not to hit him. She tells him that if she hits him, she's going to break his jaw, and she gets all in his face again. "Don't underestimate my fucking ass!" she yells. David tells her, quietly, to stop. "Give up the glove, I'm waiting!" Tami says. Again, does that make sense? I'm confused. Is that some kind of Michael Jackson reference? Aaron shakes his head and tells everyone to chill. Dom asks them to take it outside. Tami stalks back to her room again.

Beth follows her, saying very, very loudly that she "would press charges in an instant." David tells her to go ahead and press charges and she turns on him with this brilliant comeback: "Oh, yeah?!"

In Dom's room, Jon blames all this violence on "the rap music." Hee hee.

Tami comes back out of her room, this time merely to give David a dirty look. He says he'll leave the house -- that evening, not forever. Beth screams that she hopes he does, because she'll feel much safer! Dude, Beth, SHUT UP.

In the confessional, Beth pats herself on the back self-righteously for being the only person who stuck up for Tami.

On the phone, Tami explains the situation to...someone. She says she "didn't find the humor" in the joke.

David finds his rain boots in the toilet and laughs because, you know, it's not like water is going to hurt them.

In the pool room, the boys discuss the fact that both Tami and Beth were laughing hysterically throughout the entire incident. David swears that he was joking, but the rest of the rest of boys don't want to get involved. Dom comments that at least they "learned a new boundary tonight." The rest of the boys laugh ruefully, as Tami stalks in and says she's glad they all think what happened was funny. Dom says they weren't even laughing "about that!" In an interview, Jon says that Tami overreacted in getting angry with Aaron and Dom, because they really had nothing to do with it. Aaron shakes his head. "If I wanted to witness some kind of sexual assault scandal, I would have just stayed in the frat house," he seems to be thinking. Dom tells Tami, rather reasonably, that she ought to leave him and Aaron out of this, because it's her battle with David. Tami, ever the martyr, tells Dom that just because no one came to her aid "when [David] was stripping the covers off of her," that doesn't mean any of them should worry about it. She dramatically sweeps back upstairs.

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