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The One You've Been Waiting For

Dom, Aaron and Jon meet with Irene, Tami and Beth to discuss what to do with David. They do this while David is in the house, which I think is a little déclassé. Dom expresses discomfort at the fact that David is right upstairs. The girls tell the boys, basically, that they don't feel safe with David in the house. All three of the boys, separately, apologize for not stepping into the situation, and state that if they knew it was as serious as it obviously actually was, they would have done so. And they feel bad about it. Apologies are accepted. Tami is wearing a backwards Newsies cap and huge hoop earrings, an ensemble which I think lacks the proper gravitas for the situation.

David in a interview makes a very good analogy, comparing Tami to "the girl at the party who gets thrown into the swimming pool. She's embarrassed, so she acts mad." He then comments that none of this would have escalated to the level it eventually reached if Beth had kept her damn pie hole shut for once in her meddling life.

In the confessional, Beth says they were both screaming "no!" Blah blah blah Beth. Save it for your audition for The Young and The Restless.

Back at the meeting, Dom points out that this entire thing happened right after they had their house meeting in which David promised to behave. "Obviously, someone didn't learn by that [sic]," Irene says, patronizingly. God, she's irritating, too. Why doncha just take David out back and shoot him, Irene? You seem to have an awfully good grasp of what happened, considering the fact that you stayed in bed throughout the entire event. The roommates discuss the fact that David has problems with "taking it over the line." Truly, I think that's the key here; this was the last straw in a series of problems caused by David. If anyone else had pulled Tami's blanket off, a simple apology would have sufficed because no one would have interpreted it as anything more than a misunderstanding and some rough-housing that got out of hand, as occasionally happens.

In an interview, David basically makes a huge and rather contrite apology to Tami, which I think might have done more good had he directed it to her face rather than to the camera.

In the kitchen, the roommates discuss the fact that David attacked Jon the third day they were in the house, and the fact that he clearly has some issues. Aaron says he doesn't feel that he has the right to judge David, but that if the girls feel unsafe in their own home, something is wrong, and needs to be addressed. I hate when I agree with Aaron.

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