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The Real World Guide to Being the Perfect Roommate

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The Real World Guide to Being the Perfect Roommate

Mike brings up the next rule by saying that social gatherings should be quiet, intimate affairs. Coral reads Rule #9: "Leave your friends at home. Nobody likes them!" In Boston, everyone complains about Syrus bringing people over all the time. Syrus complains that it's like he's in prison. I tried to link to that one, but it happened so often that it was kind of useless. Good luck, Wing. ["Pfft, yeah right." -- Wing Chun] In New York, Mike brings friends over, and Coral rolls her eyes. In Miami, Sarah brings all those little kids inside, and Flora and Melissa complain. In Chicago, there will be similar complaints about guests, and then Theo will get in the elevator wearing a towel.

The next rule is explained by Mike as being in effect because "beer, wine, and spirits should be consumed in moderation." Coral reads Rule #8: "Don't be a drunk fool. It's not attractive." You know, these all sound like things I've said in various recaps. Or more likely, things that people have said on the forums. Interesting. Of course, they show footage of Ruthie getting drunk and throwing up. It's always fun to make light of someone with a serious drinking problem. I love how, during that season, B/M pretended like they were all concerned about Ruthie, but now they feel fine about showing her drinking with bubbly pop music on the soundtrack, so that we can all laugh at the alcoholic. Then we see Melissa stripping in New Orleans. And Nicole puking in front of Bobby, and then being helped by Coral. In Chicago, they do many shots at a bar. Kerri changes the age that she started drinking to fourteen. I hate her.

Mike says that when going to work, you should have a cheerful attitude. Coral clarifies by reading Rule #7: "Get your ass out of bed, and go to work." Hey, it's the Boston Center for Center Center! And there's Montana getting shit-canned. In Seattle, David gets scolded for his lack of commitment to the radio station. In New York, Coral and Nicole have bad attitudes about work. In Miami, Melissa points out that they can't even get along, so they definitely won't be able to put a business together. In Chicago, some dude yells at Cara because she doesn't know how to swim, and yet she wants to be a lifeguard. She just smiles and acts cute. Oh, boy. This season is going to give me a lot of grist for the mill, I think.

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