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The Real World Guide to Being the Perfect Roommate

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The Real World Guide to Being the Perfect Roommate

The next rule is about proper attire. Coral reads Rule #6: "Do us all a favor and keep your clothes on!" Amen, sister. Of course, we start off with Teck and Ruthie jumping naked into the swimming pool in Hawaii. Then, we see Mike skinny-dipping in Miami. In New Orleans, Melissa delivers her classic confessional about having "a Mormon on the left and a naked gay man on the right. What am I supposed to do with that?" I miss Melissa. She could always be counted on to give good quotes. Coral tells us that she saw Adam's penis in Morocco. And in Chicago, Aneesa thinks that clothing is optional. That's one good thing about filming in a northern city in the winter -- there was not a lot of nudity in the last season. And thank God. Mike tells Coral that he doesn't agree with this rule, because he likes to see naked women. Coral laughs and tells Mike to shut up, but nicely. What is going on between these two?

When we return from the break, Mike is doing The Miz. I refuse to recap anything he says. If he made up his own wrestling persona, I might find it amusing, but he just does a bad Rock impersonation, and it's annoying. He reverts to his regular voice to say that romantic involvement between roommates is frowned upon. Coral reads Rule #5: "No hooking up with your roommates. Somebody always ends up crying." Of course, the first footage shown is Colin and Amaya. I have to imagine that they both cringe when they watch this now. I mean, I cringed when I watched it then, but it only gets worse with age. Kind of like cheese. Unless it's that super-fancy cheese that is supposed to be old. You know what I mean. Anyway. In San Francisco, Rachel says that she regrets kissing Puck. During the Tenth Anniversary Special, Sean and Rachel discuss how their daughter would think it was gross that Rachel dated Uncle Puck. Man, I feel bad for that kid. In New Orleans, Julie tries (and tries, and tries) to kiss Matt, and then she really does kiss Jamie. Actually, there was a lot of kissing in New Orleans. And then in New York, Lori and Kevin kiss, and then Kevin disses her. Hard. In Chicago, apparently they all think that the other roommates are hot.

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