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The Real World Guide to Being the Perfect Roommate

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The Real World Guide to Being the Perfect Roommate

Mike pretends like he's going in for a kiss with Coral, and she slaps him. Mike says that before moving in, it's important to educate yourself about other cultures. Then he leans towards the camera and whispers "Trust me." Oh, okay. Heh. That was funny. Good delivery. Coral reads Rule #4: "Leave the racism and homophobia at the door." Remember in New York when Mike told the story about his racist uncle? I wonder why that never came up again. Oh, wait. It did. In nearly every episode. They really dig through the vaults to find footage of Jon in L.A. expressing surprise that Tami is Muslim. Oh, timely one, editors. In the first New York season, Heather's beeper goes off, and Julie asks if she's a drug dealer. In New Orleans, David and Melissa give Julie a lesson in street slang. In Boston, Sean and Syrus discuss affirmative action. That makes it sound like a much more intellectual conversation than it actually was. But by the end of the season, they were able to joke about it. In Chicago, Tonya hasn't had an "interracial living experience." Oh, Lord. Neither have I, I guess. Well, one of my roommates was Asian, so I guess I have. But why does it matter? Theo tells Aneesa that he doesn't have a problem with lesbians, because it's sexy, but he thinks that gay men are disgusting. Yes, because all lesbians were put on this earth for your sexual pleasure, Theo. Ugh. How can people reach their late teens in this country and think that is okay? I don't get it.

Now, Mike and Coral are holding hands, and she has one leg in his lap. I know I'm kind of obsessed with their postures, but they are seriously all over each other. Mike says that you should end all serious relationships before moving into the house. Coral reads Rule #3: "Your man back home is just that -- back home. Leave him there." That was strangely worded, wasn't it? I guess they couldn't use that hip slang and still make it gender neutral. First up is footage from Seattle of Nathan and Stephanie talking, and then Nathan and Irene wrestling. Aw, I miss David from Seattle. I wish he and Melissa from New Orleans would get a show together. I think that they are my favorite cast members to watch. In Boston, Jason had a girlfriend, but he also liked to tickle Kameelah. And Montana talked to creepy Vaj on the phone, and then he called her a whore and it was fucking awesome! In Chicago, Tonya has a boyfriend, and claims that nothing will change that. Kyle also has a girlfriend at home, but he likes his roommate Kerri "a lot."

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