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Hilarie asks Alton and Irulan if they are still together, and they admit that they are. Hilarie asks for a round of applause, and people actually clap. Fuck off, audience members. Why are you applauding? Hilarie asks if they are living together. Irulan says they are living together in California, and Alton adds that they have a dog. I can't think of two people less equipped to take care of another living being than Alton and Irulan. I imagine their dog is the type that bites people, and probably when they break up in six months, they will take the dog to the pound. I hate them. Hilarie asks what made their relationship different than Steven and Trishelle's relationship. Alton says it was a relationship, and everyone laughs. Alton babbles about communication, which is hilarious. Hilarie asks how long it took them to finally realize that they wanted to be together. Irulan says it took their whole time in Vegas to figure it out. Steven says it took too long, and Arissa agrees. Hilarie asks why they tortured each other. Because they are both drama queens? Alton and Irulan blame it on the cameras and the roommates and blah blah blah.

Hilarie brings up Alton's threesome, and here's what Alton says: "That goes down, at least for me, with the alcohol and just like, I walked into the room, really drunk. The problem was, I forgot that I ever said that. Like, 'I never said that! I never said that!' And I'm like, 'Oh shit. I did say that. My bad.' You know? So that was the big problem." So did he or did he not have a threesome? And how shitty is it that Hilarie doesn't ask a follow-up question there? Hilarie asks Irulan how she felt about the situation after seeing the episodes. Irulan says she hated it, but they are in a different place now. People in the audience go, "Awww!" and I really hate the people in the audience right now. Hilarie asks another internet question, in which someone wants to know if Alton and Irulan will ever get married. They both cringe and say they're just taking it one day at a time.

Hilarie says that we're going to watch a montage of Brynn's relationships. We see: Brynn talking about Austin, Brynn hooking up with Mo, Austin arriving for a visit, Brynn telling Austin about Mo, Arissa bringing Mo for a visit while Austin is there, Brynn getting mad because Irulan sat on Mo's lap, and Brynn talking about how much she cares about Austin.

Brynn wipes away tears as the montage ends. Hilarie asks her if Austin is still in the picture. Brynn says that she's engaged, and points to her ring. Everyone claps. Hilarie asks if it was lonely for Brynn to go to Vegas without Austin. Brynn says she only met Austin a week before she left, so when he came to visit, they barely knew each other. Brynn adds that she and Mo were just friends and never did anything more than kiss while drunk. Um, didn't we just see a shot in that montage of Brynn and Mo in bed together looking fairly naked? I think someone is writing some revisionist history now. Hilarie asks Brynn if she's grown from her experience in Vegas. Brynn says that the past year has been intense for her, and the show was "a growing experience." Hilarie brings up that Brynn was jealous of Steven and Trishelle. Brynn says it had more to do with her insecurity and loneliness. Brynn says that she was insecure because of how beautiful the other girls in the house are, but they taught her to be more sure of herself. Hilarie congratulates Brynn on her engagement. Hmm -- no mention of Brynn's pregnancy, though. Interesting.

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