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The South Rises Again

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The South Rises Again

Ace and Christina get into bed together. Ace interviews that he can't stand being alone and wants to be around people at all times. Wow, Ace and I could not be more opposite. Christina interviews that Ace is "our little snuggly pooh bear." Ace and Christina hug in bed together and Christina giggles. Ace wants to "kiss real fast," and we hear smacking noises. Christina tells him to stop, in a giggly manner, and threatens to kick him out. Christina interviews that it's hard for her to say no. Ace asks if she's ready for a relationship, and Christina says she's "not even ready to mess around with [him]." Ace says, "What if I went down and kissed your stomach right now?" Christina says no, and Ace says he'd really like to. Ace disappears and Christina sighs, "You are the best roommate I've ever had!" Hee! It was all in the delivery, but that was a hilarious moment.

The roommates, minus Chris, meet at the office. Chris is supposed to be there, and he's missing. Chris is the point person this week, and they wonder who is going to email Brice. Wasn't Chris the point person on their last assignment? Is this the same assignment? And if not, why let irresponsible Chris be the point person two weeks in a row?

Chris is in a coffeehouse, writing in a journal. Chris interviews that their next assignment is to review attractions, and he's worried that people won't get their stuff in on time. This is totally the same assignment they showed two weeks ago, when Christina emailed hers in early because their internet connection was down at the house. Back in the office, Simon complains that Chris stole his toothbrush and keeps it in the kitchen. Okay, that is pretty gross, but I would just make him buy me a new one. Christina squeals, "Who uses somebody else's toothbrush?" Leah says that Chris uses Simon's toothbrush while he pees. Cut to a horror movie violin flourish and footage of Chris going into the bathroom with a toothbrush in his mouth. Hee! Leah relates how she went into the shower and all of her toiletries were already in there, so she told Chris to get his own loofah. Yeah! What? Adam uses the "asking myself questions" rhetorical device that I hate to say that Chris has no respect for other people's belongings, and that talking to him doesn't help. Christina says that Chris is still eating her peanut butter. Damn him! But what about the ham? For the love of God, is the ham okay? Ace says that he'll never miss a meeting because he's afraid that everyone would talk about him.

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