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Thin Blue Line

No Doubt plays as Brynn walks Austin to the elevator. In an interview, Brynn says that she's had a good time with Austin, and that no one has kissed her the way that he does. They kiss goodbye as Brynn cries. In an interview, Brynn says she cares about Austin, and that it could become something more. Austin leaves and Brynn cries. Then she runs inside and calls Mo. Just kidding. But she probably totally did.

Trishelle brushes her teeth in the bathroom. Steven walks in and calls out to her. In an interview, Trishelle says that she took a pregnancy test today. Steven walks into the bathroom. Trishelle looks at him and smiles and nods. What? What does that mean? She laughs and tells Steven, "No!" and hugs him. So she's not pregnant. Although if I were two weeks late, I don't know that I would trust the drugstore pregnancy test. In an interview, Steven says that he's happy that he gets to be a kid longer. Steven hugs Trishelle from behind and asks if she's relieved; he then tells her that she smells good. You just know they are going to go and do it all over again. In a confessional, Steven says that he needs to learn to use condoms with Trishelle. Or anyone, Steven. Steven kisses Trishelle's neck and grabs her boobs while she puts on more makeup.

Brynn talks to Austin on the phone. She says she cares about him, and that when she hooks up with other people she feels guilty, but now she doesn't even want to hook up with other people. Austin asks if they are trying to establish something. Brynn laughs and says that she knows she won't hook up with anyone else, because Austin is everything she wants. Austin says it won't be hard to be faithful because there's no one else he wants. And while that's kind of sweet, it's also kind of like, "Well, I guess I won't feel the need to cheat on you, although I have in every other relationship." In a confessional, Brynn says that she and Austin are officially together. Brynn runs out to the living room where Frank, Steven, and Trishelle are playing Clue. Which is so funny -- that Frank might be able to hand Steven or Trishelle a clue. Anyway. Brynn tells them her news, and everyone is happy for her. In an interview, Frank says he thinks Brynn and Austin are a great couple. Frank says that they can play a lot more board games now. In an interview, Brynn says that she cares about him and he cares about her. Brynn rests her head in her hands and says, "I'm really excited," even though her body language says, "I just took ten sleeping pills."

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