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This Is So Gay

Back at the firehouse, Genesis sits in front of the computer and complains to Kameelah: "I don't want to be gay anymore." Kameelah practically tut-tuts her right down one of the firehouse's many flights of steps in lecturing, "That, that what you just said right there, is why gay people have a hard-ass time in this country." No it's not. It's because the Bible says that God hates gay people. Duh. Everyone knows that. Ask Elka. Anyway, Genesis is sick of being stereotyped. Kameelah tells her, "It's what God handed you," as the soundtrack cranks up with its first actual lyric of the last half-hour, barking, "This is the waaaaaaaay God made me." At which point, a delicate-looking, underfed and never-seen bird in a cage marked "SUBTLETY" escapes the shackles of his cage and glides out the firehouse's window, only to be presently demolished by a fast-moving crosstown bus. Bye, bye, subtlety. This is the waaaaaaaaaaaay God made The Real World.

Firehouse by night. Syrus calls Luetta to break it off, but she has apparently already spoken with Poor, Poor Anthony about "the bullshit" being propagated by the CCC. Syrus wants very badly for Luetta to know that he was "forced to" sign the papers, and we cut to four -- count 'em, FOUR -- confessionals of various members of the house (Jason and Elka are the only two not featured) offering variations on the theme of, "Blah blah blah relationship ending ethical problem and blah." The ceaselessly moral Syrus then asks Luetta is she would like to have dinner that night, and as the strains of the Indigo Girls (a soundtrack perhaps better suited to the trials of one "Genesis" character, but now I'm just being nitpicky) classic "Shame on You" pipe up, we see Syrus pick Luetta up, and then lying in bed with her, fully clothed, inside of her apartment. Shame on you, Syrus. Shame on you, oh vanquished subtlety. Shame on you, Real World. Shame on you, indeed.

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