Real World
This is the End… The End of the Beginning

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This is the End... The End of the Beginning

Becky plays the guitar as Heather makes up a song about having to pack up and leave. Heather tells us HER life lessons: that the real world is about not being someone else and being happy with yourself, and that if you've got that, you can deal with anybody. I get the feeling that Heather pretty much already knew this prior to being on the show.

Cut back to Becky and Heather. Heather says that if she could sing, she'd sing for free.

Norman and Julie are at the window. Norman tells us he was neurotic about coming out to the lofties, and that he learned that it worked out okay, and that was really important to him, and that he won't be afraid of who he is anymore. Oh, fine -- sniff.

Andre's on the phone. He says, "It was a great experience." Cut to Becky and Kevin. Kevin's strumming the guitar. Becky takes it from him and says, "I'll teach you how to play the blues." Kevin, for once making a joke and not taking every sentence as an opportunity to get all Louis Farrakhan, says, "I am the blues, baby!"

Kevin's interview. He says that he came to the experience as a cynic, that he didn't know what anyone could teach him since he was the oldest in the loft and had a lot more life experience, but that wasn't the case. Cut to a shot of Becky switching Kevin's fingering on the guitar. Oooh! For all you non-Literature majors out there, that's SYMBOLISM. Kevin says it's an example of what can happen in society, that we can learn from one another when we're forced to do so.

Caption: Sun 6:30 P.M. Andre and Julie swing their hands in the almost empty living room. Julie says that she thinks they'll all stay in touch -- maybe some more than others, but she'll always want to know what's going on with everyone, and that they have a strong tie.

The lofties exchange hugs. Kevin is the first to leave. Heather shouts after him, "Anything you leave, we split it!" Eric says, "Yo, I'm out of here. Peace." Don't let the door hit ya in the ass on your way out!

Becky plays with the Ouija board. She makes it spell out, "Norm will be president." More hugs as Andre leaves. It's down to Julie, Becky, Heather and Norman as they leave the loft.

Eric says, "This is the real world. This is what happens every day. There's no way around it. No scripts, nobody's telling you what to do, no cue cards, this really happened. I don't know if the point gets across, but I hope it does. 'Cause this is real." How very eloquent! I sure hope Bunim-Murray has those words emblazoned on a plaque as their mission statement. Actually, now that I think about it, they probably do.

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