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This is the End… The End of the Beginning

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This is the End... The End of the Beginning

Heather and Andre are peering into a hole in the floor at Norman doing his one-on one. Caption: Norman's Last Interview. (It Took Forever). Heather and Andre glance at the camera, cracking up.

Cut to Norman talking about Andre and saying, "Andre's my friend." Julie starts cracking up. Andre says wonderingly, "He's so open!" Andre then pretends to say, "Norman, this is God." Heather then shouts into the hole, "Norman, shut up so we can eat!" Everyone cracks up. Norman shouts, "I am trying!"

Julie explains the last game the lofties played together. They all wrote down questions, threw them into a bowl, and each loftie had to pull out one and answer it.

Julie's turn. Her question is, "Why do you think you were one of the seven 'chosen ones?'" She says that she thinks it's pretty obvious and I cringe, thinking she's about to say something dumb and conceited à la Eric Nies, but instead she says something typically modest and sweet: "They found six of the biggest characters...and then threw in Joe Average to laugh [at them]."

Kevin's question is, "What is everyone's best quality?" He says Julie's is that she's honest and sincere. Julie says thanks. Norman is "multi-dimensional," while Eric is "dedicated." Norman says, "That's good" in a faux-condescending voice. He pauses at Andre. Andre says, "Andre is well-rested!" Everyone laughs. Heather agrees, and says that Andre has the effect of making you feel lazy, and that he makes it easy to take it easy.

Andre asks, "Who would you have sex with in the loft?" Eric hems and haws and says things like, "I think I know who I would want to, and then I think who I would really want to," and then finally cuts to the chase and says, "I think it would be Julie." Julie is laughing, a little uncomfortable. I, on the other hand, am not laughing, and am extremely uncomfortable. Kevin is curled up, howling with laughter beside Eric. Eric says he has "reasons behind it." Andre says, "Oh, reasons behind it -- maybe it's an erection." Damn! Andre, that was pretty funny! Everyone laughs, a little uncomfortably.

Shot of the outside of the loft. Cut to inside. Eric shouts, "Julie! What are you doing tonight?" Heather shouts, "Shut up, Eric! We're gossiping!"

Julie in her interview. She tells us that it was a life experience packed into three months, and that she saw and heard things that she didn't even want to see. A montage of Julie clips rolls by, including the fights with Kevin. She says that one of the great things to come out of it was her friendship with Heather B., and that they'll be friends until the day they die. Okay, maybe it's because I'm on my moon, but I teared up like a madman at this part. Maybe because unlike the contrived, plastic bubbleheads on the Real Worlds to follow, it feels like Julie is really sincere.

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