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This is the End… The End of the Beginning

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This is the End... The End of the Beginning

Shot of Heather and Julie hugging. Heather tells us that one of the best things about the experience was her friendship with Julie. Andre says that Heather and Julie are the cutest couple. Damn. Now I feel bad for making fun of Andre. Oh wait, it passed. Heather says that they're a good combination because Julie can bring her down when she needs to be calmer, and maybe she can help Julie when she needs to be more aggressive, and that she doesn't know how it works, but it does. Sniff.

Eric pops in on Heather and Julie gossiping. Heather asks Eric what was the funniest thing he saw in the loft. Eric says, deadpan, "I don't know, not that many funny things happened." Wait. Did Eric just make a joke? Isn't that one of the signs of the coming Apocalypse? He tells the girls that the funniest night was when everyone came back from Limelight and piled onto his bed and Kevin wigged out because he had to get up early the next morning.

Eric tells us that he still doesn't know what's going through Kevin's mind, with all his views and points about things. Probably because Eric is still in "Primitive Man" mode -- you know, just discovering that sharpened sticks that can be used for digging, while Kevin has progressed to "Relatively Developed Man" mode, which includes mastery of human speech and an unfortunate fondness for spoken word filled...with...dramatic...pauses. Shot of Kevin looking pensive, shot of Kevin at his desk, typing. Some of Kevin's infamous dialogue from the past season is played in this echo-ey voiceover.

Julie says that Kevin has a problem delivering the important message behind whatever it is that he's saying. Becky says she cares about Kevin enormously, and that she doesn't think he's racist. This is intercut with Kevin telling someone how culturally everything that's bad is black -- being blacklisted, etc. Becky says that sometimes Kevin maybe made mountains out of molehills. Becky says, of the fight with Kevin, that she learned something about herself. Then, apropos of nothing, there's a shot of Becky playing with the Ouija board as it spells out, "You will live in the Betty Ford Clinic," and a shot of Andre doing a fake rim shot. What. The hell?

Andre says that the living situation with the camera was exactly what he expected, but that he didn't expect he would get so paranoid and fearful. Shot of Andre getting ready in his room and spying the camera and being startled. He goes on to say that some of the sweetest people were behind the cameras, but that it still made him really paranoid. Shot of Andre with the camera practically jammed up his noise as he says, "I'm eating. I must be left alone while I'm eating." Julie says that Andre is very involved with his band and focused on that, but maybe he's learned he can venture out and fit in with other types of people.

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