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This is the End… The End of the Beginning

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This is the End... The End of the Beginning

Julie says that Eric was being loud and obnoxious -- big surprise there -- and that she wished he would shut up and go to sleep, and then she realized she needed to listen to this and absorb, since she wasn't going to hear it soon.

Eric walks through the kitchen, proclaiming, "It is time for Eric. To see it ALL." He walks over to a closed door. The caption reads, "The Real World Control Room." Eric yells, "I want to go in! This is not fair! I love all you guys! Pleeeeease! I'm not goin' away! I want to come in!" He grins at the camera in a fake, pleading manner. Damn. This part was pretty funny.

The door opens a crack. Caption reads, "George, Real World Producer." George very brusquely says, "You can't come in.

Norman says that Eric was itching to get into that room, and there was no way they were going to keep him out. Cut to the scene outside the Control Room. It's general chaos. Eric is raving and taking all the jackets off the hangers and raving about getting into the room. The staff inside the room is sort of laughing, and sort of freaking out. Norman's on the phone, calling Julie and Heather and saying, "Rush, rush, rush!" and telling them to get down there. They run down. Norman yells, "Reinforcements!"

They start pounding on the door and yelling at them to open it. Kevin walks down the hall, laughing. Finally the door opens and Julie and Heather rush inside. They start cheering, "We're in! We're in!" and jump up and down.

Kevin, Eric, and the camera crews trailing them burst into the room. They're all shouting, laughing and screaming. The Control Room is filled with computers and banks of TVs, as expected. It's a bit surreal, as we can see the scene reflected on the screens around then, and bits of the dialogue and action are being recorded verbatim onto the computers.

Norman, gleeful, turns to the camera and says, "I feel like we're sperm and just broke into the egg!" God, I love Norman. Kevin says he feels like they just got off of Gilligan's Island after three months. Julie, who is so cute I could put her on a cracker and eat her, introduces herself to a staffer who's probably done nothing but watch her for the last three months: "Hi, I'm Julie. Nice to meet you!" Everyone's shaking hands and tons of introductions are being made. It's a very festive, we've-graduated-call-your-teachers-by-their-first-names sort of feeling.

Eric is a nut. He must be drunk. He's screaming, "I love this place! I love everyone in here! Show me everything! You guys can launch space shuttles from here, am I right?" He then is entranced by the sight of his own face -- surprise, surprise. Andre walks in and says, "Well, well, well." Becky and Bill the ex-director wander around the control room. Bill looks sort of lost and sad.

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