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It's the next morning. David and Melissa are discussing the party. In an interview, Melissa says that she and David never discussed what happened at work. They both know it happened, but they're over it. Do you get the feeling it will come up again this season, though? I do. Melissa tells David that people told her Ryan looked sad at the party, but she feels like you only live once and it was her birthday. He's still in town, and she needs to call him.

Melissa, Ryan, and the Michaels go out to some coffee shop. They are sitting at an outdoor table. Melissa asks if they are going to be friends or not, and says she's not interesting in "playing the role of heartbreaker." Ryan says that he's not interested in being heartbroken, and says that she brought it up. Can you believe that they are discussing this in front of the Michaels? If you were a Michael, wouldn't you be like, "Um, I think I need some more sugar for my coffee. I'll just be over here"? Melissa says that she may have brought it up now, but he brought it there. Ryan says that coming there made him realize why he likes Melissa so much, because she's "sweet," "hilarious," and a "nice person." He knows he should be thinking bad things about her, like what a bitch she is, but that's not the situation. He thinks she's "a big sweetheart," and he loves her to pieces. Aw, if some guy was saying things like that to me, in front of his friends no less, I'd reconsider the breakup. Melissa says she wishes he wouldn't say those things. Ryan jokes, "You're a big sweetheart, bitch." Melissa starts crying and says she wishes he did think she was a bitch, and that she wishes he hadn't come to visit because now she's the asshole. Once again, it all comes back to how Melissa feels and how it affects her. She is so incredibly self-centered.

Next week, Julie's "friend" comes to visit for Valentine's Day, but according to Bead's extra, it's her brother. What a lame, misleading promo. Then Kelley and Peter decide to try a relationship. Danny mixes attractive men and alcohol, and worries that he won't be able to stay faithful to Paul. And then there's a bunch of half-naked men in the hot tub!

Over the credits, we see Jamie, Melissa, and Danny making a really unfunny joke about ATM cards. I wrote it all down and I was going to transcribe the jokes here, but they're not funny and they don't even make sense. If you're looking for funny, go read another recap instead.

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