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Time Out!

David is back at the piano. In an interview, he says his relationship with his roommates is tough because he's not in the house much. He's just doing what he has to do, because his keyboard is not in the house. Okay, seriously, enough with the keyboard. Matt tells the others that David doesn't seem interested, but that it's the job of the producer, the director, and all of them to tell David to do his job or he's off the NOA-TV show and out of the house. Whoa! They're going to kick him out just for being lazy and uncooperative? That seems a little harsh! And then, the producers just drop it. They could have made a whole episode out of that one statement by Matt. Instead, they cut between shots of a streetcar and the piano about ten times, for no reason.

Kelley tells David that as musical director, two hours of his time will be devoted to the music, but since he's also a host, an additional two hours should be spent figuring out his segment, writing it, and researching it. Wait, he only has to do four hours of work a week, and he can't even handle that? David says that what Kelley has proposed is a problem, and that as the host, he can get in front of the camera and say, "Whoo whoo, yeah, this is what happened, blah, blah, blah, bam, bam." That is exactly what he said. I definitely side with Kelley in saying that perhaps he needs to work on the delivery (and content) a little bit. David says he knows exactly what he's doing. Kelley says that he may know, but she doesn't know and no one else knows either. In an interview, Kelley says that David is definitely working, and that she knows that composing eight minutes of music is not that simple. The problem is that she doesn't know about it and also that he has other responsibilities besides the music. Kelley tells David that she hasn't been able to discuss this with him because he's never around. David says he's doing what the others say they will do, and he's out in the field talking to people and that everyone is ignorant of the fact that "David's probably doing more than anyone because he's out there." Big red flag here -- he just started referring to himself in the third person. Bad news. When he says the word "ignorant," Kelley gets a look on her face like, "Just because I'm from Arkansas doesn't mean I'm ignorant!" Kelley says she can't know what he's doing if he doesn't tell her, and wants to know where the questions are that he's been asking people, and if he's written down their answers on paper, or if he has a list of topics that he's been discussing. She needs to know this so that she can put everything together on paper for the show. Well, I also think that she doesn't believe a word he's saying and wants some proof. Can you blame her? David says, "In other words, manifested on a piece of paper." Yes! God! She said the words "piece of paper" about twenty times. Kelley says she can't read his mind so unless it's on paper, she doesn't know. David must be the B/M target audience. Kelley said the same thing approximately seven times, and I still don't think he got it. It reminds me of how these shows tell us the same thing over and over and over again.

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