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Paula drags her bags outside, and as she gets in her cab, she tells us that this experience was liberating and that she's not scared to go home. She should be, because a fucking wicked beatdown awaits her there. As she arrives at the airport, she confessionals that she fell in love with seven people. "Wait," you say to yourself, "but she only has six roommates." Smart, but she's thought of that. Paula says, "Six roommates...and myself." See. Don't fucking try to call Paula out on her math skills. She'll fuck you up.

Paula gets onto the a tiny puddle-jumper. She confessionals that, as much as the kids drove her crazy, they saved her life. The plane takes off...and crashes into Tyler and Svet's boat. Aw, tragic.

Well, that's it. Love you all for sticking around. Now go wash up, because I don't know about you, but after all that, I feel really dirty. Peace the fuck!

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