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We get a redo of the fall in slo-mo! Awesome. Tyler then gets right back up and, to his, eh, credit, smiles and goes right into splits to end the "routine." I think Tyler has "stripping" confused with "cheer squad." Anyway, Tyler camera-brats that part of winning a competition like this is having lots of friends there to cheer you on, but he only had two (Jose and some chick). Jose bitches to that chick about John "whining" and then everyone following him to not see Tyler. Dude is just mad no one listened to him. That's all. Tyler comes in second and he voice-overs, "I couldn't ask for anything more." Yes you could. You could ask for first place, stupid.

Key West. Night. Then day. A plane flies over the house. House. Tyler camera-brats that no one came to see him. He tells Paula he's unhappy that they didn't come to support him, going on to say the only reason the other guy won is that he had a lot of friends there. I really don't care to indulge Tyler in his little pissy party, so I'm not going to recap the rest of what happens. But basically, Paula apologizes and then Tyler talks to Zach and it ends with Zach throwing back in Tyler's face some retarded rah-rah crap Tyler obviously told Zach about doing what Zach wants to do and enjoying Key West and so that's what he did instead of coming to see Tyler...and Tyler has to drop it.

Day. Water. Moon. Night. Bossman Ricky Croft and John unveil the lit-up and smoke-machined float for the other kids. The kids love it. It has a disco ball and does look pretty cool. "Awesome," Paula declares.

The kids all dress for some '80s night contest event as "Our House" by Madness plays. Tyler looks ridiculous in a leotard. The kids all look very stupid. Then, out on the deck, Tyler shows them some "dance" routine, and inside they practice as we see John lying on a couch, not '80s-ed out at all. He informs us that the other kids planned this event when he was working on the float and left him out of it...but, he then adds, he didn't want to go anyway, so nah nah nah. He yawns, secretly heartbroken. "Let's do it up, '80s-style! That's how we roll," says Jose, to absolutely no one.

Downtown. Montage of crazy contests and floats. Club. The kids get ready and, while waiting backstage, we learn that the first-place winner gets $1000. Hm, almost worth looking like a complete asshole for. Almost.

The kids go out on stage and, as "Would I Lie To You?" plays, they do a lame dance routine. Janelle does a little Flashdance thing with legwarmers. Svet wasn't alive in the '80s so she has no idea what to do. Tyler starts doing high kicks again. Gah. Stop that! Janelle's ass looks incredible (sorry, it does), and they finish and start chanting "Go '80s!" and they win. They put their hands in the center and cheer, "'80s!" Somewhere, Kevin Bacon is rolling in his grave. Commercials.

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