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Day. Signs. Harley rider. Crowds. Cop car. The Graphic of Stupid informs us that it's seven hours until the parade, and John is riding in the back of a pick-up, towing the float. He camera-frats that no one wants to help him with the float, even though he asked all the roommates. Bossman Ricky Croft helps out, which makes John quite happy and thankful.

At 3 PM, Bossman Ricky Croft calls the house and bitchily asks if Paula and the others are going to come down and help them with the float. Janelle hems and haws because it's "important" that they also look good for the parade. John tells us he needs the float to look good and be "a success," but I'm not exactly sure why or how success is measured during a drunken parade. Is he thinking of going into Floatery as a profession, and this is the sole entry in his portfolio?

Back at the house, Janelle bitches about John asking for help at the last minute, when she has to get her costume done. Not wanting to "jeopardize" her costume, she decides to stay home and not go help with the float.

Day. Floats. Floats. Floats. It's 4:30 PM, and Bossman Ricky Croft calls Zach to ask him and Jose to come help. Zach bitches to us that he knew John's working on the float meant that everything was going to be left to the last minute. For some reason, Zach is wearing heavy eyeliner. Yeah, okay.

Float fixing. Float fixing. Sawing. Putting in fake plants. John worries and wonders and says and it's too much work. "Barb," John's friend, shows up to help. Working. Working. Working. Exciting! Wait, just checking. This is the last episode, right?

6:00 PM. Jose and Zach walk, dressed as nerds. Zach tells us that the theme of the FF this year is "Freaks, Geeks, and Goddesses." They walk and do terrible, embarrassing nerd banter. I have to look away. I'm not kidding. I really do.

Key West. House. House. Svet and Tyler and Paula and Janelle get ready. They're all rushing to get downtown and onto the float within minutes.

Meanwhile, the nerds (Zach and Jose) show up at the float area and start helping. John bitches that the other four have had all day to get ready but instead they're at home screwing around, and now the float is leaving the staging area, those four absent.

Those four leave the house, late. They walk, not knowing where the float is and knowing the others are probably mad.

At the float, Zach calms John down and tells him that the float is great and his work is done and he should now relax and enjoy.

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