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Okay, so thus begins the endless lead-up to the cabs arriving. Let the platitudes and lessons learned and "wow, I changed sooooo much"-es begin.

Night. Downtown. People. Motorcycle. The kids head back to "their" table at a restaurant called BLUE HEAVEN! and Paula says that this is extra-special to her because the last time the kids went here, they went without her and just shit-talked her. (I totally searched through the first few recaps for that moment, but couldn't find it. Just too many instances of "The roommates discuss how fucking crazy Paula is" to narrow it down. Sorry.) Jose camera-brows that Paula has been through a lot and has come out well and that it's "awesome." They babble. Tyler jokes that John was the only one who ever emptied the dishwasher. Paula decides that they're a "family" because they talk shit within the group but will defend each other to any outside interlopers. Just like China! Paula thinks she'll know all of them forever. No she won't. John will miss them all and it'll be hard to leave and "all good things must come to an end." I was going to say, "Yeah, like your fifteen minutes," but then I realized that the value of being on the Real World has been so eroded, it's maybe two and a half minutes of fame, tops

Key West from above. Night. House. Man, I gotta tell you. After twenty-four episodes of this shit, I'm just glad to see the editors mixing up their establishing shots so much. See, there, a few months ago they might have gone with ocean, moon, house, but instead they fucking zigged, boy, and went aerial shot, house. That's some inspiring reality television-makin'!

House. Tyler goes to sleep on the couch. Svet and John are already asleep on the couch. As are Jose, Zach, and Paula. Again, subtle music tie-in lyrics proclaim in a whiny voice, "I'm starting to understand."

A little later, Paula is up in the phone room talking to her horrible abusive boyfriend, Keith. Keith asks, in his usual pointed way, if they're all partying hard this last night, and Paula surprises (pleases) him by saying that everyone fell asleep on the couch already. He misses her like crazy, he says. ("Crazy" being the operative word here.) Paula says that it's going to be weird for her to be home and Keith ignores her obvious desire to discuss their future and says that he can't wait to "hug" her. Perfect, all better now! Paula camera-thins this fantastic decision which will no doubt work out flawlessly -- that she and Keith are going to try living together. They are also going to go to couples counseling, but I really don't know why when her few sessions with Dr. Covan have clearly healed her completely. Paula says how nice the roommates' dinner together was that night, and that leaving is going to be hard. Shots of the kids asleep as she walks slowly through the living room.

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