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Travel Warning

Outside, Mallory tells Leah that she feels bad because her family made a huge effort to get to France and now she has to blow them off for work. Well, it's called a responsibility or a previous engagement. I'm sure they will understand. Also, are you working twenty-four hours per day? I'm sure you can squeeze in some time with family. Mallory asks why they have to be in the office every day, at times that take up the whole day. Yeah, it sucks to have a job. Shut up, Mallory. Mallory interviews that they are also going on vacation, which cuts into her family time even more.

Mallory rides the Metro with her cousin. Mallory interviews that she's trying to budget her time in order to balance being in the office, spending time with family, and getting her reviews done. Am I supposed to feel sorry for her? Because I totally don't. Mallory tries to convince her cousin to go to one of the bars she needs to review.

Leah interviews that they've been hired by Frommer's to review sites in Paris for the MTV crowd. She doesn't say exactly that, but you know that's the idea. The roommates go to some clubs. Chris interviews that Brice wants "a new, fresh outlook" on the city. I hope by "new" and "fresh," Brice meant "uninformed" and "semi-literate." Ace writes a review on a napkin. Christina interviews that their deadline has been pushed up four hours because of their vacation, which she finds "exhausting." Yes, those extra four hours make all the difference in the world. Future people who go on this show, let me offer you some advice: Don't complain. You get to live rent-free in a cool city with few responsibilities. Complaining comes off as whiny. On second thought, I would advise you not to go on the show at all, but no one listens to me on that one.

Monique and Alex, the travel coordinators (identified by on-screen text), pass out travel information packets. For the benefit of our radio audience, Chris explains that Monique and Alex are the travel coordinators. Monique goes through the itinerary, which includes Nice, Venice, Florence, Rome, and then skiing in Switzerland. Adam interviews that everyone is excited. Monique works in the product placement by mentioning the Eurail pass and Polaroid photos. Christina interviews that she's excited about the vacation, but that she wants to take care of their assignment first, so she wants everyone to submit his or her work by 10:00 PM.

Christina calls home and talks to Chris. She asks whether she can write about a club that he was planning on reviewing called Sans Sans. Christina says that she doesn't have time to go out and visit another club. Chris sighs and then tells her to take it, and that he'll go out and find another place. I would tell her to fuck right off and find her own damn club. Why does Chris have time to go out and Christina doesn't? In a confessional, Christina says that she's nervous about being the point person. Christina tells Simon that they all need the bonus money, and Simon says that he can't go on the trip if he doesn't get the bonus. Oh, come on. He can go on the trip. He just can't spend as much money as he would like.

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