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Travel Warning

The roommates go out to celebrate Ace's birthday. Simon interviews that Ace is fifteen today. Seriously, more Simon interviews, please. Ace drinks and dances. Leah gets on the microphone and wishes Ace a happy birthday. That would be so annoying to the other patrons. Christina interviews that she likes Chris, but that she's never had to battle in a friendship before like she does with him. Everyone dances and Adam has a seizure. Or, dances.

The next morning, Simon asks whether anyone knows where Chris was when he missing. Adam says that Chris just tells him he doesn't want to know. Simon interviews that Chris is keeping it top secret. Simon suggests that Chris isn't telling them what happened because it was embarrassing. Simon thinks that Chris was sitting at the station crying because he missed the train, and then had to drive home, sleep there alone, and get to Nice on his own on an early train, and then walk to the hotel. As Simon says each part, we see that he's totally right, and that Chris did exactly those things. Chris interviews that he realized when he was getting on the train that he didn't have his ticket. Chris says he'd rather forget it, and that it's no one's business. He is such a child.

Next time: Leah goes on a date in Italy, and Chris gets drunk and annoying.

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