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Up And Adam

Brad suddenly has a pet snake. It's an epidemic of stupidity! Brad sits on the deck and talks to Robin and Mike, her Marine boyfriend. He says that if Dave visits, he hopes Frankie and Dave don't constantly fight like they do on the phone. Robin says that this could bring out a different side in Frankie. A likable side? Because that would be a relief. Robin interviews that it seems like Adam is everywhere, and that she doesn't know how Frankie is going to juggle both Dave and Adam being in the same town. You know, now that they've shown us the gun in the first act (Dave and Adam meeting), that thing had better go off in the third act, or I'm going to be pissed. Frankie walks out and sighs that she'll be upset if Dave doesn't show up at the airport. Robin says that she gave him all the flight information, so why wouldn't he? Frankie says that Dave is just like that. He turns down free flights? I'm assuming Production is paying for this visit. Mike the Marine gives Frankie a look like, "Thank God Robin and I don't hang out here that much, because this girl is a pain in the ass." Or maybe I'm projecting.

The next morning, Frankie gets ready to pick Dave up at the airport. Frankie interviews that she's a wreck, because she's so excited to see him. Oh, she's a wreck, all right. Frankie answers the phone, and it's Adam. He actually calls her "biscuit." Isn't that insulting? I would find it insulting. Then again, I'm not Frankie. Thank God. Frankie tells Adam that she's going to the Hustler store. Adam says that it's the "funniest coincidence ever," because he was just headed there as well. I'm so sure. Frankie interviews that Adam won't leave her alone, and that it's irritating. Wow, I can't imagine why he thinks you want to hang out with him. You go out to bars with him, you invite him over, and then you make out with him. How could he not get the hint that he should go away? The nerve. Adam asks if Frankie wants to get breakfast with him, and Frankie says that she can't. Adam asks Frankie if they're suddenly not allowed to hang out, which would be Frankie's cue to say that she'd like to take a step back since she has a boyfriend and all. Instead, Frankie says that she is allowed to hang out with Adam. Frankie interviews that this is not the time to tell Adam not to call her anymore, because it could jeopardize Dave's visit, so she's trying to be neutral on the phone. Frankie hangs up and sighs very dramatically for the cameras. Yeah, how dare Adam continue to call her? I do think Adam is a creepster, but I also understand why he doesn't just get the hint that Frankie wants him to fuck off, since she's never given him any hints to that effect until maybe just now.

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