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Up And Adam

Adam calls the house, and Jamie answers. She says that Frankie's at dinner. Adam starts giving Jamie the third degree about what's going on with Frankie. Jamie interviews that Adam knows Frankie is avoiding him, and that he's confused. Jamie tells Adam that Frankie is with her boyfriend. Oops. Adam wants to know all about Dave's visit, and Jamie tries to pretend she doesn't know anything. Adam wants to meet Dave, but Jamie doesn't think that's a good idea. Jamie interviews that she's afraid that Adam will show up at the house and ruin Dave's visit. This is so not Jamie's problem. She shouldn't be this stressed out about this.

Jamie, Brad, and Randy play Monopoly. No, seriously. That's what they're doing. Which is pretty awesome, actually, especially since Randy looks (as usual) totally stoned. Jamie tells them about Adam's phone call, and the boys laugh. Jamie says that Adam was drilling her for information. Jacquese walks over and asks if Adam will pop up at the house at some point. Jamie answers, "Yeah, fool, mos def." She really said that. You have got to be kidding me. Jacquese asks whether Adam will "bring his squad" and "try to throw hands." I need a Real World-to-English dictionary, because I have no clue what these people are talking about most of the time. Randy thinks that Adam will show up to "drop some info" about Frankie, and Jamie agrees that Adam is the type to sabotage.

Frankie and Dave return from dinner. Frankie has a really pretty '50s-style dress on, but she ruins it because she has money tucked into the bodice, for some reason. Jamie calls Frankie over and tells her about Adam's phone call. Jamie feels like Adam is going to pull something and just show up. Jamie interviews that Adam is "capable of doing major, major damage," because he knows he has the power to break up Frankie and Dave. Jamie checks the security camera, which shows the stairs leading into the house. Frankie goes back to Dave. Jamie is way more worried about the potential of Adam's visiting than Frankie is. Frankie interviews that she has no idea what would happen if Adam and Dave met face to face.

And now it's time for the Most Awesome Thing I Saw on TV Last Week. The most awesome thing I saw on TV last week was a movie called Her Last Chance, and it starred Becca Thatcher, and Patti LuPone played her mom, like way to go out on a casting limb there, producers, and is Corky going to play her brother? Which might have made the movie even more awesome. So anyway, Becca is a total druggie and alcoholic with her boyfriend, and they take acid and manage to run up a million flights of stairs and then stand on the roof of a building, but no one actually gets hurt, but then Becca gets busted and is forced to go to rehab, and her rehab counselor is Dharma from Dharma and Greg! And Jenna Elfman is the worst actress in the world. So the best part of the movie is watching Jenna Elfman try to practice tough love on the druggies, and Becca is all, "I'm not an addict" but she totally is. So she plays the game and gets out but her friends (including one Sharon Cherski) don't understand, and soon enough Becca has a relapse and goes back to rehab, but she's all into it this time. So when Becca gets out, she tries to break up with her boyfriend, who has been slutting it up with Sharon Cherski while Becca was gone, and her boyfriend hits her and then sits on a ledge somewhere, and after Becca leaves, you think that he falls off the ledge because he's all drugged up and he dies. So Becca is practically in jail, since she's the last person who saw him alive, but then at the very end, Sharon Cherski comes forward and admits that she killed the guy, because she was jealous, and there is a lot of crying, and I guess Sharon Cherski went to jail, although who really cares? Because it was awesome.

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