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Up And Adam

I hope you're all ready for the big Dave/Adam confrontation that they've been hyping for the whole episode! It's now the following morning. In a confessional, Jamie says that she was worried that Adam would pop up, but that he didn't. Wait. He didn't show up? All that hype, and nothing actually happened? That is horseshit. You would think that an episode all about Frankie and Dave (and Jamie) would be dramatic enough without the manufactured Adam crap. Anyway, Dave and Frankie leave the house. Dave is wearing plaid pants, and Frankie is wearing a matching plaid schoolgirl skirt. This is like alternative Supermarket Sweep. Maybe they will have two minutes to raid the aisles of their local Hot Topic. In a confessional, Jamie says she's glad that Adam didn't confront Dave about what's happened with Frankie. Seriously, Jamie is way more concerned about this than Frankie is.

Frankie and Dave go out to dinner together. Dave wishes that his high-school principal could see him now. Yeah! He's a total success! He's on a shitty reality show with his idiotic girlfriend eating dinner in a restaurant! He had better be careful. Nothing else in life will probably measure up to that moment. Stupid fame whores. Frankie interviews that she's anxious to talk to Dave about what happened so that they can move on. Dave says he's confident that things will work out between them. Frankie says it worries her when Dave says that he'll leave her if she shames him on national television. Dave asks if she can really blame him for feeling that way. Frankie interviews that Dave has this "image thing" that "no bitch that cheats on [him] can stay with [him]." So if it wasn't for what people might say, Dave would let Frankie cheat on him as much as she wants? I doubt that. Frankie concludes that she hopes that the part of Dave that's real (his earlobes?) will want to stay with her. Frankie says she only cares what Dave thinks, and not what other people think. Dave says she didn't care about his feelings when she cheated on him. Hee! Good point, Dave. Frankie says that she did. She did? Dave says that he doesn't want to talk about it, because it's in the past. Frankie cries that she wants to fix it.

Later, back at the house, Frankie and Dave lie on the bed. Dave says that there's nothing wrong with doing what you want to do, meaning making out with other dudes. Frankie says that she didn't want to, but that she was drunk. Dave asks the guy's name, and Frankie says it was Adam. Frankie interviews that it hurts Dave to hear the details of her indiscretion. Frankie says that, since then, she has ignored Adam, and that he went away. ["Wow, Frankie really is lying on the bed." -- Wing Chun] Dave thinks it sounds like Frankie was stringing Adam along, and giving him false hope, which she totally was. Wow, Dave really does know Frankie well. And yet he stays with her. Dave condescendingly says that he doesn't think that Frankie made the right choices, but he can forgive her, even though he won't forget. Frankie interviews that she didn't expect Dave to forget about it. Now that Dave knows Adam is the guy that Frankie hooked up with, Dave and Adam are going to meet. Right? Right? Wrong.

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