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Vroom! Vroom!

We see a sign for Brand's Hatch, some racetrack out in the country somewhere. The squiggly writing informs us that it's "Testing Day." Mike explains how prestigious Brand's Hatch is. Guess what? It's pretty prestigious. Mike's teammate, Darren, is really cute. It's hard to believe they'd let him on the same team with Mike. He has raced this track before, so he shows Mike the ropes. I don't know anything about racing, but I guess Darren is explaining to Mike that the track is shaped like an oval, so Mike has to make turns every once in a while...that sort of thing. They put Mike in the car and ask him whether he's studied the "map" of the course. Mike nods vehemently, probably chanting "oval, oval, the track is oval. Take lefts every so often" silently to himself. He drives fast around the track and tells us in a voice-over what a good feeling it is to do something right. Oh, wait. He careens off the course and ends up in some grass. He sheepishly drives back to the clubhouse and removes his helmet. His hair cascades down in all directions like toothpaste from a tube that's been left uncapped for a few weeks, but you'd think he was in a shampoo commercial the way he shakes his head and fluffs it out.

The squiggly writing announces that it's "Testing Day 2," and Mike -- in another battered Doris Day interview -- says that, thanks to a day off, he had time to "re-sort" his mind and learn from his previous mistakes. Unfortunately, the car doesn't start. Finally, the mechanics fix it, but his testing time is almost up. He gets onto the track and the car doesn't move the way it did yesterday because of all the work the mechanics did. He goes on to say that his confidence was shot from the experience. Fortunately, we get to see his cute teammate Darren again.

Mike's loser friend Sean arrives at Attention Deficit Manor. Guess who goes to answer the door? Why, none other than Kat, that's who! What a coincidence. At first, Sean seems cute. With the bright exterior light hitting the dark interior, Sean seems like a tall, nice-looking guy. And those anti-sideburns he had back in episode 5 are gone. Kat feigns surprise that he just happens to be at the door, and invites him in. When Sean gets into the studio-lit living room, it's all over. Sean has really, really bad skin. Kat tries to make conversation with him, but there's no sparkle in her eyes. For some reason, they discuss Mike's taste in women. "Mike likes flashy, trashy women with long hair, well-done nails, who wear thigh-highs and little dresses," says Kat, neglecting to add that Mike also likes a lady who has an eight-inch uncut cock. "Mike wants a good girl who dresses like a bad girl," says Sean, like he's giving Kat pointers on how to pick up a real man like Mike.

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