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Vroom! Vroom!

Kat: [knocking frantically] Mary-Ellis?
Bunim: Kat, what can I do for you? Hey, isn't Mike's friend Sean supposed to get in today?
Kat: Well, that's what I came here to talk to you about.
Bunim: I see.
Kat: No, you don't. This Sean guy -- he's all kinds of fugly. It's not going to work.
Bunim: I think you will find that there is something attractive about everyone....
Kat: Where's your VCR?
Bunim: By the capuccino machine -- why?
Kat: This is some of today's raw footage. Check this out. Here he is trying to score with Jacinda. There he is picking his nose.
Bunim: My word, look at that acne!
Kat: I told you!
Bunim: Kat, on behalf of Viacom, I am so sorry. We had no idea. You're off the hook this time, but mark my words: the next halfway decent fellow who knocks on the door -- you're doing it with him, got it?
Kat: Got it.

"I don't know how to describe Sean," says Jacinda, giving us a hearty chortle that tacitly says, "What a loser!" And let me just point out that Jacinda is from a penal colony, so she knows from losers. They show her tidying up her room while Sean sits on a chair and plays with the stuff on her desk. He asks her a bunch of questions about her flying lessons, thinking that a modern young woman like Jacinda digs it when a man values her for her mind and ambition. Jacinda tries to answer his questions in monosyllabic grunts so he'll get the hint that his pimply-backed self isn't welcome to linger in her room.

But speaking of Jacinda's flying lessons...let's go there, shall we? I mean, we were all hoping that they'd tell us more about her flying lessons, right? Well, it seems that she likes to fly because she travels a lot. So that made her want to learn how. And it takes her three hours to get to flight school from La Maison d'Envergure Courte d'Attention, so that tells us how much she really really wants to fly.

Murray: Hi Jacinda -- thanks for stopping by!
Jacinda: You're welcome, Jonathan. I hope this isn't about my floundering modeling career.
Murray: No, not at all Jacinda. We're just trying what you kids are going to be doing for the rest of the year.
Jacinda: Well, I've been caring for my dog and flirting with a lot of people.
Murray: Which is great! It's just not...enough for TV. Do you get what I'm talking about?
Jacinda: Oh, and I've been tormenting Sharon.
Murray: Which we totally appreciate! It's just that we need to you to do something. Hey, remember in that interview you said you wanted to take flying lessons?
Jacinda: I did?
Murray: Yeah, in the initial questionnaire, we asked you what you hoped to accomplish on The Real World and you answered --- I have the Xerox right here -- that you wanted to fly solo.
Jacinda: Oh, but you see I just said that because it sounded good at the time. I wasn't actually going to drive three hours to some airstrip and have to fly a plane.
Murray: Jacinda, I suggest you buy yourself a fetching pair of goggles.
Jacinda: But I --
Murray: I said move!

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