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Anyway, Jacinda flies the plane herself with the instructor in the seat next to her. She claims that flying is only "a more complicated version of learning to drive a car." The instructor tells her that she's ready for a solo flight. Jacinda goes up by herself. She says in an interview that she just "concentrated on the task" in order not to wig out about the fact that she was flying a plane solo. She lands. She tells us that "it's an incredible feeling to fly."

Oh, but you see, now Jacinda and Mike have a kinship, having both been in control of sophisticated methods of transport. At the dinner table, Jacinda brags to Mike about her solo flight while Kat sits silently chomping on some ice cream or something. Mike, in an interview, expresses his astonishment that Jacinda actually put her nose to the grindstone and accomplished something. Then it's Jacinda's turn to have Mike rub his accomplishments in her face. He shows her a story from the Sports section of a newspaper, the name of which we never learn, announcing that he joined the Redgrave team. Jacinda asks Mike whether he thinks he'll win. That gives Mike a chance to lay down some exposition to the effect that he's got to "qualify" on Monday. Jacinda makes a ribald comment about the sort of girls who would sit provocatively on the hood of a racing car and cheer for Mike's team. That reminds Sean of some trashy girls he and Mike saw on the Tube last night. Sean and Mike tell this story about Sean starting a conversation with the girls by pointing to Mike's picture in the nameless newspaper and telling them that Mike is the guy in the picture. Kat gets really into her ice cream like she's trying to block out the noise of her parents fighting. In an interview, Kat admits that she's disappointed by the sight of Sean in the flesh. "I'm not saying he wasn't nice," says Kat. "He just wasn't what I expected." We see Jacinda holding Legend next to Sean's face and telling Legend to kiss Sean. "You know I don't like dogs!" yelps Sean. Jacinda continues shoving Legend in Sean's face because, you see, that's the point, and asks Sean whether he's as much of a loser with the ladies as Mike is. Sean claims to "get some" more often than Mike does -- a lot more. Not that that's saying much. In an interview, Jacinda expresses her amusement at Sean's imagined way with the ladies and says that she and Kat love to tease him. Then we see Jacinda interrogating Sean about the cuffs of his cut-off shorts. Mike, in an interview, tells us that Sean was having a good time at first, but that Kat and Jacinda then started to "beat on him." To illustrate this honeymoon period followed by a "beating," we are shown Jacinda forcing Sean to give her a piggyback ride down some street. Then she changes her mind and makes him put her down. Then, in bed later that night, Kat and Jacinda share a laugh over a recent attempt by Sean to enter their room and catch them half naked.

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