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Bunim: So, you didn't feel compelled to, say, complain about Sean's harassment of you two?
Kat: Harassment?
Bunim: You two just spoke about an incident in which he tried to gain access to your room while you and Jacinda were both in a state of undress.
Jacinda: Oh, harrassment! I dunno. I guess we just didn't think about it.
Kat: And we were totally wearing clothes. It's not like he saw anything.
Bunim: Yes, but don't you feel violated?
Jacinda: By that wanker?
Bunim: Maybe I'm not making myself clear. I'm not telling you what to do here, but in seasons past, Real World cast members have found it cathartic to hold house meetings in which they openly discuss any grievances they harbor. They also found it necessary to kick one cast member out. Now, let me repeat myself: don't you feel violated by Sean's behavior?
Jacinda: Not really.
Bunim: Jacinda, I think that under that tough, fun-loving, sociopathic shell, lies a hurt little girl who might have a few repressed memories about something that might have happened while she was modeling in Milan. Just think of what this could mean to sexual-abuse survivors all around the world if you were to get in touch with your...
Jacinda: How bout I do some more flying lessons? And I was flirting with Neil last week. Didja see?
Kat: Maybe we could have a cat fight over Neil!
Bunim: You know what? Forget it. This conversation never happened. Just proceed as you normally do.

Jay, God bless his heart, has a big laugh when Sean confesses that Mike always told him that Kat was excited to meet Sean. "Kat wanted to meet you?" asks Jay in disbelief. "That's what Mike said," says Sean. Jay laughs some more. Oh yeah, and Kat and Jacinda settle into bed that night and dis Sean's manhood.

Back at the racing track, the squiggly writing indicates that it's "Qualifying Day." Mike -- in an interview in which someone has actually managed to pomade his hair into a perfectly unrepulsive 'do -- explains that since it's "Qualifying Day," he has to "qualify," and therefore there must be no more "bullshit." He walks around the racing grounds and shares a couple of cheap laughs with Redgrave, the owner of his team. The battered Doris Day interview with Mike is trotted out again and Mike explains some more about how important it is to "qualify," and then informs us about some other rules about racing that I will never care about. Apparently qualifying is done while no other cars are on the track. Mike qualifies; in other words, he drives really fast around the track. He complains to the mechanic that he can't go very fast. Everyone shrugs and tells him to do his best. He voice-overs that he's having problems qualifying because he can't handle the car well anymore. The results are posted and Mike's way down on the list. Sean explains to Redgrave that Mike is a "lousy qualifier but a great racer," and that he'll see that later on at the race. In another Battered Woman interview, Mike explains that he needs to do better tomorrow. All of his teammates are shown telling him he needs to do better.

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